A guide to gold-backed cryptocurrency

In 2017 the price of bitcoin reached parity with gold (by ounce) which grabbed the attention of gold investors around the world. With cryptocurrency going mainstream there has been a surge in interest with the concept of gold-backed cryptocurrencies.

A brief history of digital gold currency

The idea of a gold digital currency has always had an appeal for those looking for an alternative payment system. Not long after the internet went mainstream E-Gold emerged as the first digital currency backed entirely by gold in 1995. At its peak, millions of people around the world were using this service until it was shut down.

Other attempts to make a digital gold currency were also made, but this was before the age of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Now with blockchain technology established as a secure accounting method, and with Bitcoin becoming better known to the general public, a new era of gold-backed cryptocurrency is emerging. There is a proverbial (and literal) gold rush happening now in the crypto world, and even countries are looking to issue their own gold-based cryptocurrency.

The basic concept is certainly compelling. A token or coin is issued that represents a value of gold (for example 1 gram of gold equals 1 coin). The gram of gold is stored by a trusted custodian (preferably third party), and can be traded with other coin holders.

At a minimum the price of the coin will always equal the current gold rate. If the cryptocurrency becomes popular then the price of the coin can potentially increase in value, greater than the value of gold. If the cryptocurrency doesn’t take off then the value remains as the value of the gram of gold. It’s like a built-in stop-loss.

There of course many risks as well. While the blockchain accounts for the coins, accounting for physical stored gold is another matter. When evaluating such tokens look for who actually owns the gold and how it is stored. In this regard our online gold partner BullionVault as a good example of accountable gold storage. When evaluating a gold crypto make sure that you own the gold.

Update: This list continues to evolve with tokens being launched and going bust every month. The list is continually being revised, so if you wish to keep updated subscribe to the weekly gold newsletter to find out what changes have been made.

Buy gold with bitcoin


If you are just looking to buy gold with bitcoin, the easiest and safest way is to open an account at Vaultoro. This is a gold vaulting service which allows you to buy and sell gold with bitcoin and other altcoins. The gold is 100% your legal property, and is fully insured in Swiss vaults. Vaultoro is ideal if you prefer to park your crypto gains in gold instead of cashing out into a fiat currency. Read more about Vaultoro.

Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency Directory

This is a current list of gold-backed cryptocurrency. This is a directory and not an editorial endorsement, so research all of the alternatives before investing. Some of the cryptocurrencies listed here don’t detail how they store and account for gold either, so proceed with caution. Any questions regarding each coin should be referred to their social media channel or forum listing.

Since this post was first published there have been new coins added to the list and some are now ready to buy. The list is now sorted in order of availability.



A Pre-ICO (or ICO Pre Sale) is a token sale that is offered before the official ICO campaign or crowdsale goes live. There are fewer tokens offered at this point, and they are often sold at a discount which helps the project pay for the expenses of the launch.


EkonName: Ekon (EKG)
Location: Switzerland.
Website: ekon.gold

Ekon is a stable coin developed by Eidoo that is 100% backed by physical gold. Each Ekon token corresponds to 1 gram of gold 999. Ekon is an ERC20 token and you will be able to collect them within the Eidoo wallet.

Golden Currency

Golden CurrencyName: Golden Currency (PGCT)
Location: Singapore
Website: goldencurrency.world

Golden Currency plans to be first global private currency on blockchain, both paper and electronic, 100% backed by gold. Pre-ICO on until July 2018.


GoldFinXName: GoldFinX (GiX)
Location: Singapore.
Website: goldfinx.com

GoldFinX (GFX) provides financing to Artisanal Small Gold Mines (ASGM) worldwide and gets in exchange a share of their production. The first production of gold will be delivered by Q4 2019 and will accumulate as well as stored indefinitely to protect the value of the GiX coin.

Pre-sale starts July 1st, 2018 and ends no later than June 30th, 2019. The GiX Public Sale begins on July 1st, 2019.


GoldVeinName: Gold Vein Token (CVT)
Location: Russia.
Website: goldvein.io

GoldVein is a blockchain platform for investment in gold mining. The gold value of the token increases in value depending on the amount of gold mined.

The Pre-ICO runs from April-June 2018, ICO August-September 2018, and tokens will be placed on exchanges December 2018.

For any issues please contact the founder of the project Mikhail Pimulin by email pimulinm [at] gmail [dot] com, or any messenger +79100085987.

Upcoming Pre-ICO


AgAuName: AgAu (?)
Location: Zug, Switzerland.
Website: agau.io

AgAu gets its name from the symbol for the chemical elements argentum, for silver, and aurum, for gold. AgAu is fully decentralised ownership of cryptocurrencies 100% backed by physical and allocated gold and silver. 1 AgAu Gold token = 1 g of LBMA Gold, and 1 AgAu Silver token = 1 g of LBMA Silver.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is how a new cryptocurrency raises money for its startup. A token is given a set rate, and there maybe bonuses for early buyers. It is rare to be able to buy ICO tokens with fiat currency, so you will need a stash of Bitcoin or Ethereum first.


AirgeadName: Airgead
Location: Dublin, Ireland.
Website: airgeadcoin.io

The Airgead Coin allows you to merge precious metals within one cryptocoin. Along with gold, you can merge silver, platinum, and palladium coins/bars as a basis for a worldwide currency. You can merge any amount of precious metals into a single Airgead Coin, and you can actually see what your Airgead Coin is merged with.

The ICO is on until December, 2018.


CyroniumName: Cyronium (CYRO)
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia.
Website: cyronium.com

Cyronium is a gold-backed crypto from Indonesia. Every 1 CYRO token has a guarantee of 1 Cyronium coin. 1 Cyronium coin consists of 20 grams of 99% gold LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). Where Cyronium differ from other offerings is they are offering the option of physical coins that will represent the CYRO token. If you elect to take the physical coin the CYRO token will be destroyed to avoid duplication. The coin will be shipped along with the certificate to the investor’s address. Physical gold will be held in vaults in Singapore.

ICO will be conducted on May 26, 2018. After ICO, Cyronium can be traded in Santara marketplace (www.santara.co.id).

DRCG coin

DRCG coinName: DRCG coin (DRCG)
Website: drcgold.io

The DRCG coin ICO proceeds go into expanding operations and to meet mining costs of a gold mining operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Members who purchase or use the DRC Gold Coin will be rewarded with gold or any other means of their choice as outlined. The mining operations are managed by Emmax Systems Inc. which is an affiliate of CryptoXL Limited.

The final ICO sale is on until 31 May, 2019.


Location: Gothenburg, Sweden.
Website: eau-coin.is

EAU-COIN (pronounced “O-COIN”) is a gold-backed crypto token on an Ethereum-based blockchain smart contract. EAU-COIN is directly backed by real gold assets 100% owned by EAU-COIN with no liens or leverage. The tokens are issued in rounds with a built-in 20% bonus for the holders. At least 2 rounds will be issued every year of a fixed USD value related to fixed in ground gold assets that are being mined out.

The EAU-COIN ICO begins in August, 2018.


GoldenuggetName: GNTO.
Location: Chiasso, Switzerland.
Website: goldenugget.ch

Goldenugget is a crypto platform that allows its token (GNTO) holders to purchase or Dutch auction its mined gold.

Goldenugget IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) will begin in May 2019 and will run for 4 months or until the hard cap is reached.

Guardian Gold

Guardian GoldName: Guardian Gold (GGT)
Location: .
Website: guardian-gold.com

Guardian Gold is a gold secured crypto currency based on blockchain technology. Each GGT token is backed by 1 gram of 99.99% gold cast bars from London Bullion Market Association approved refiners. Guardian Gold token holders can transfer funds to anyone in 15 seconds. Guardian Gold features a unique 15% Proof of Stake Reward to all GGT token holders. 15% of net proceeds from every new GGT token purchase is distributed to all GGT holders.


KaratcoinName: Karatcoin (KCG)
Location: London, UK.
Website: karatcoin.co

Karatcoin is a platform to trade gold certificates, exchange Karatcoin tokens, as well as save and exchange currency using gold cards. KCG (GOLD Token) is the token used in the Karat Blockchain. It represents 1 gram of 99.99% LBMA standard gold secured in safehouse vaults.

The ICO has ended.


KinesisName: Kinesis (KAU)
Location: Cayman Islands.
Website: kinesis.money

Each Kinesis coin represents physical precious metal allocated on a 1:1 basis (1g gold = 1 KAU). Bullion is purchased simultaneously when a Kinesis coin is minted and each coin has bullion directly allocated to it from the moment of being minted into the Kinesis system, for the life of the coin.

Public sale runs until June, 2019.

Troy Gold

Troy GoldName: Troy Gold (GOLD)
Location: Malta.
Website: troy.gold

TROY’s token, known as GOLD, provides the opportunity to purchase TROY’s gold products using the Blockchain. Gold mined by Bullseye Mining ltd (Australia) will be used to create TROY’s gold products. Bullseye’s gold will be stored in vaults at the government controlled Perth Mint – Australia. TROY’s GOLD tokens will be issued on the Ethereum platform.

Private sale is on now.

Exchange Listings

Once the ICO is over the token will then become available for public exchange on a set date. There are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges, but not all exchanges list all tokens. The token website will list which exchange you can buy and sell at, and you will most likely end up opening accounts at a few different exchanges.

This list is all the gold-backed cryptocurrencies that are live and tradable on exchanges.


AurumCoinName: AurumCoin (AU)
Location: ?
Website: aurumcoin.com

Each AurumCoin is backed with 0.75 grams of gold, yet AurumCoin’s par value will always be worth 1 gram of pure gold. When you buy an AurumCoin you buy a digital proof for 1 gram of gold stored and insured in professional high-security gold vaults in Zurich, London, New York, Toronto, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Exchanges with AU


BlockNoteName: BlockNote (BNO)
Location: Tallinn, Estonia.
Website: blocknote.gold

BlockNote is a 100% physical gold backed cryptocurrency regulated within the European Union. Each BlockNote equals 0.01g and gets credited to the client’s individual gold deposit account. Physical investment gold is purchased through a UK-based LBMA member, and is vaulted and insured in Zurich, Switzerland.

BlockNote runs on an inhouse blockchain platform called BlockBen. The platform works as a secure database structure, a blockchain, virtual wallet, infrastructure, validates transactions and smart contracts.

Exchanges with BNO
BlockBenPay Wallet


BlockStockName: BlockStock (BSO)
Location: Tallinn, Estonia.
Website: blockstock.gold

BlockStock is BlockBen’s technical cryptocurrency responsible for every transaction validation that occurs on the BlockBen platform. BlockStock has an initial 10% gold-backing, with potential growth from the commission from fees of transactions on the BlockBen platform. The system credits commission in gold and places it into a common gold pool, which will be divided equally among BlockStocks.

Exchanges with BSO
BlockBenPay Wallet

Cash Telex

Cash TelexName: Cash Telex (CTLX)
Location: Gibraltar.
Website: cashtelex.com

Cash Telex (CTLX coin) is directly pegged to a diversified fund of real assets (gold, diamond, silver and real estate).

Exchanges with CTLX
Cash Telex Exchange


DaricoName: Darico (DEC)
Location: Zug, Switzerland.
Website: darico.io

Darico is a gold-hedged cryptocurrency investment token backed by gold, bitcoin and ethereum. Each token is comprised of 55% bitcoin, 35% gold, and 10% ether. The gold sits in custodial vaults, and there is an app wallet and a Darico debit card.

Exchanges with DEC

Digital Gold

Digital GoldName: Digital Gold (GOLD)
Location: St. Vincent and Grenadines.
Website: gold.storage

GOLD token is a stablecoin backed by real gold bars stored in secure and auditable vault storage at BullionStar. One GOLD token equals to 1 gram of physical gold. The token is based on Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 standard), and is issued and operated by DIGITAL GOLD LTD company.

Exchanges with GOLD


DigixGlobalName: DigixGlobal (DGX and DGD)
Location: 32 Carpenter Street, Singapore.
Website: digix.global

DigixGlobal has created two types of Ethereum tokens – each with unique properties. DGX Digix Gold Token represents 1 gram of 99.99% LMBA standard gold, secured in Safehouse vaults. Digix DAO Tokens (DGD) is used to claim quarterly rewards based on the total DGX collected through transaction fees. The DGD value fluctuates based on exchange rates and market forces.

Exchanges with DGD


EgoldName: Egold (EGD)
Location: London, UK
Website: egold.trade

Egold (not related to E-gold) runs on a blockchain ledger and works through a digitized cryptoasset called GOLD whose cryptocurrency value is based on physical gold. Egold uses its own blockchain and altcoin, called EGD, for GOLD transactions.

Exchanges with EGD


GlobcoinName: Globcoin (GLX)
Location: Zug, Switzerland.
Website: globcoin.io

Globcoin is a stablecoin backed by a basket of fiat currencies basket from 15 countries in addition to gold.

Exchanges with GLX

Instant Bitex


Location: Australia.
Website: goldfund.io

GOLDFUND (GFUN) helps near term precious metals producers get into production by providing the capital they need. In return GOLDFUND is rewarded with part of the production, and made available for purchase with purchased GFUN coins on the ZOMIA Gold Exchange.

Exchanges with GFUN



GoldmintName: GoldMint (MNTP)
Location: Moscow, Russia.
Website: goldmint.io

GoldMint is blockchain based platform which operates with 100% gold-backed cryptoassets, either gold or exchange-traded funds (ETF). The GoldMint platform is built on a private blockchain, based on the Graphene technology. There is no mention of where the gold is stored, or indeed what percentage is physical gold.

Exchanges with MNTP

GramGold Coin

GramGold CoinName: GramGold Coin (GGC)
Location: .
Website: gramgold.co

GramGold Coin is pegged to 1 gram of investment grade gold. Every single GGC is issued out of gold already purchased and held by vault service providers instead of crowdfunding. This process is called an ‘Initial Coin Circulation’ (“ICC”), instead of an ‘Initial Coin Offering’ (“ICO”).

Exchanges with GGC


HelloGoldName: HelloGold (HGT)
Location: Malaysia.
Website: hellogold.com

HelloGold users can buy and store gold which can be converted to a Gold Backed Token (Goldx), which is backed by 1 gram of gold. The gold is held and accounted for in a partnering vault in Singapore, and it is certified as compliant with the Shari’ah Standard on by the World Gold Council.

Exchanges with HGT


JinbiName: Jinbi (JNB)
Location: London, UK.
Website: jinbitoken.io

Jinbi is a UK and Belarus token backed by an increasing physical gold floor from the production of gold by the mining partner. Jinbi will create liquidity events following production milestones whereby each coin holder will receive a dividend payable in physical gold or Jinbi Token (JNB). All other funds are reinvested back into Jinbi to continue further gold production.

Exchanges with JNB



KaratgoldName: KaratGold (KBC)
Location: Stuttgart, Germany.
Website: karatgold.io

Each coin represents a certain weight of gold and can be exchanged into physical gold in the form of CashGold. On 4 July, 2019 100 KBC will equal 1g of gold.

Exchanges with KBC


KBC is listed on its own exchange — Karatbit.com. Trade USD, KBC, BTC and ETH for gold (which Karatbars calls Unival or UNV).

KaratCoin Bank

KaratgoldName: KaratCoin Bank Coin (KCB)
Location: Stuttgart, Germany.
Website: karatcoinbank.io

Related to KaratGold is KaratCoin Bank, which is creating an international payment system that will serve the blockchain-based economy. It’s based on the following projects: Karatbars International GmbH, KaratGold Coin, KaratCoin Bank, KaratPay System and KaratGold Coin Exchange.

Maya Preferred 223

Maya PreferredName: Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR)
Location: U.K.
Website: mayapreferred.io

Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is U. K. Financial Ltd.’s ERC 23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. Maya Preferred will be backed with precious metal assets of gold and silver mine reserves in Mexico. The tokens business plan involves adding more mining assets for backing and thus adding value to itself over time.


OneGramName: OneGram Coin (OGC)
Location: 2E MO17 East Side, DAFZ, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Website: onegram.org

Each OneGram Coin (OGC) is backed by one gram of gold and is Sharia-compliant. Gold is held in vaults located within Dubai Airport’s high-security compound, and managed by OneGram’s partner GoldGuard – a Dubai-based gold trading company.

There is a maximum of 12,400,786 OGC available, and unsold coins will be permanently destroyed after the Initial Coin Offering.

OneGram is listed on its own virtual exchange at Huulk.


OrocryptName: Orocrypt (OCG)
Location: Zurich, Switzerland.
Website: orocrypt.com

Orocrypt is a company that digitises assets. It already has a working token, the OCG gold-backed token, each representing 30 g of LBMA compliant bullion gold and stored in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and The Cayman Islands. The OCG token represents ownership of 30 grams of gold, therefore it always has to be 100% backed by bullion gold. You can see the vaulted gold Stock Report in the News section of the website. The OCG Smart Contract was audited by Icorating.com.

PAX Gold

PAX GoldName: PAX Gold (PAXG)
Location: New York, USA.
Website: paxos.com

PAX Gold (PAXG) is a digital asset where one token is backed by one fine troy ounce (t oz) of a 400 oz London Good Delivery gold bar, stored in Brink’s gold vaults. Anyone who owns PAXG owns the underlying physical gold, held in custody by Paxos Trust Company.

Exchanges with PAXG



PecunioName: Pecunio (PGX)
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Website: pecun.io

Pecunio is a one-stop-shop for cryptocurrencies: A cryptofund, a cryptocard and an exchange. Pecunio’s gold-backed token PGX represents exactly 1 gram of 999.9 fine gold (segregated, unallocated) from LBMA approved refineries.

Exchanges with PGX



PureGoldName: PureGold (PGT and PGG)
Location: Singapore
Website: puregold.io

Puregold is a payment gateway using Gold backed cryptocurrency. They offer two digital tokens called PGT for transactions; and PGG which is a cryptoasset backed by physical gold.

The company uses physical gold (of 999.9 quality) as its security. Puregold’s gold reserves equal or exceed its circulated amounts of PGG gold-backed tokens. The physical gold is stored by a third party in a decentralized storage unit that Puregold stores investment grade gold, gold jewellery, small ingots (up to 100 grams) and coins.

Puregold is part of Puregold.sg, which is a private mint in Singapore with its own in-house factory producing gold and bars.

Exchanges with PGT
Token Store

The Midas Touch Gold

The Midas Touch GoldName: The Midas Touch Gold (TMTG)
Location: Seoul, South Korea.
Website: dgex.io

The TMTG Project is composed of three main elements:
TMTG Tokens:TMTG coins is as a utility token, are used only as a means of purchasing virtual currency on the DGE platform.

MDG Tokens: MDG is a token that is only tradable on the DGE platform which is pegged to 1g of gold as a certificate. MDG Tokens can be purchased on the DGE Platform with TMTG Tokens.

Digital Gold Exchange (DGE): DGE is an online exchange where TMTG tokens can be used to purchase MDG Tokens or real gold.

Exchanges with TMTG

TPX Gold

TPX GoldName: TPX Gold (TPX)
Location: Birmingham, UK.
Website: tpxnetwork.com

A 100% gold backed token that will be stored by Brinks in Singapore, and Insured by Lloyds of London, and audited by 2 independent auditors. The gold is being purchased by Global Commodity Investments Ltd, who have been in business for over 10 years, all the gold will be LBMA approved.

Exchanges with TPX


XaurumName: Xaurum (XAUR)
Location: Crystal Palace, BTC City, Ameriška ulica 8, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Website: xaurum.org

Xaurum is coined by exchanging the mined value for physical gold, stored as the CommonWealth gold reserves. It was first coined on a PoS Blackcoin blockchain, and has transitioned to Ethereum.

Exchanges with XAUR

Upcoming Exchange Listings

Gold-backed cryptocurrencies that will soon be listed on exchanges.


AurusGOLDName: AurusGOLD (AWG)
Location: Cardiff, UK.
Website: aurus.io

AurusGOLD (AWG) is a 100% gold-backed cryptocurrency. Each AWG token is fully collateralized with 1 gram of physical gold, stored in partnered, fully audited and insured vaults. AWG is redeemable for physical gold at any time. Aurus charges a modest transaction fee of 0.015% or 0.05 AWG (whichever is greater) to the initiator of each AWG transaction.

Aurus is launching on October 15, 2019.



FlashmoniName: Flashmoni (OZT)
Location: London, UK.
Website: flashmoni.io

Flashmoni is a blockchain-powered fintech company that offers a physical gold-pegged cryptocurrency, innovative payment solutions and a smart contract-based advertising solution. In addition to using gold to back their tokens, they also plan to raise funds to directly operate mines to “improve miner’s working conditions, their lives and of the communities where they live.”

There are two gold-backed tokens: OZG which is a private token pegged with 24 K gold stored in Dubai’s DMCC Free Zone and in Singapore. 1 OZG = 1 grain of gold (1 grain is approx 0.065 gram). OZT is the public token tradable on crypto exchanges and OZTs core value is 1/20th of the OZG.

The Flashmoni ICO has ended and is pending token distribution.


GoldCryptoName: GoldCrypto (AUX)
Location: Belize
Website: goldcrypto.io

AuX tokens by GoldCrypto are a cryptocurrency backed by physical gold. Currently, each 750 AuX Tokens will be backed by one ounce of gold (approximately US$1.70 per AuX Token). This gold backing per AuX Token then progressively increases.

GoldCrypto ICO finished on August 31, 2018.

The goldcrypto.io website now redirects to goldsecure.io.


GoldmaName: Goldma (GMA)
Location: Zimbabwe.
Website: goldma.io

Goldma (Gold Mining Assets) is described as Africa’s first crypto-based gold royalty token. GMA is a token backed by a fully licensed and operational gold mine in Zimbabwe. So the token itself is not gold-backed, rather the gold is sold to the Reserve Bank and Ether is bought with the proceeds.

The main ICO ended October 12, 2018.

Gold Standard

Gold StandardName: Gold Standard (AUS)
Location: Brisbane, Australia.
Website: goldsilverstandard.com

The Gold Standard AUS token equals 1 Gram of pure gold bullion. Real bullion is securely stored at Reserve Vault, verified by BDO and fully insured. This tokenised is by Ainslie Bullion, a leading Australian bullion dealer since 1974.

Secured Gold Coins

Secured Gold CoinsName: Secured Gold Coins (SGC)
Location: Melbourne, Australia.
Website: securedgoldcoin.com

Secured Gold Coins (SGC) is a hybrid cryptocurrency that is 60% gold-backed, 40% utility, and completely decentralized based on Blockchain technology.


XGoldName: XGold Coin (XGC)
Location: Punta Arenas Building, 13 Floor, Cincuentenari, Coco de Mar 79 East Panama City, Panama.
Website: therealxgold.com

XGold Coin (XGC) is a gold backed digital crypto-currency option. The price of one XGC Coin at initial pricing is based on a single gram of Gold.

In Development

Anthem Gold

AnthemGoldName: ANTHEM (AGLD)
Location: USA.
Website: anthemgold.com

Anthem Gold is a cryptocurrency developed by Anthem Vault Inc. Each ANTHEM (AGLD) is backed by one gram of physical gold, securely vaulted with a nonbank operator and fully insured.

The AGLD token has launched.


AssetBaseName: GoldBase (ABG)
Location: St Kitts & Nevis
Website: assetbase.io

AssetBase offer five different precious metal crypto currencies (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium). Unlike some of the other mixed metal tokens, AssetBase has a separate token for each metal. The GoldBase crypto coin (ABG) is equal to 1g of physical gold and is 100% redeemable for 100% physical gold. All gold (and other metals) is vaulted and insured and audited by a third party. To acquire precious metal tokens you will need Prime Donor Tokens (PDT).


Location: Hong Kong.
Website: bullionblock.world

BULLIONBLOCK is developing a decentralized mobile payment gateway platform on its own blockchain, delivering transparent instant and secure options for remittance and financial transactions protected by physical gold and silver bullion.


CounosName: Counos
Location: Switzerland.
Website: counos.io

Counos Coin offers a selection asset-backed cryptocurrencies including major currencies, silver, and gold. Each asset class is capped at 21,000,000 coins (like Bitcoin). Counos Gold will have real gold with the same value preserved in Switzerland banks.


CryptobontixName: Dignity (DIG)
Location: ?
Website: cryptobontix.com

Dignity (DIG) is owned by Arbitrade which has been acquired Cryptobontix. There is no contact address or profiles listed, so I’ve left it here under in development until further notice.

blockchainbullion.io were also associated with the project though the site has since gone offline.

Here is a more detailed writeup about $UNY / $DIG.


DinarDirhamName: DinarDirham (DNC)
Location: Hong Kong.
Website: dinardirham.com

DinarDirham was founded in Southeast Asia and is headquartered in Hong Kong. It connects actual gold to crypto tokens on blockchains. DinarDirham doesn’t hold or control gold or DinarCoin or Smart Gold Contract. Instead all gold assets issued in DinarDirham is bridged to the liquidity provider.


DoradocoinName: Doradocoin ()
Location: Santiago, Chile.
Website: doradocoin.io

Another claiming to be the world’s first gold-backed cryptocurrency, Doradocoin tokens are issued to attract investments into an existing gold production enterprise in Chile. There’s no contact details or details of the token, or where the mined gold will be stored.

Egypt Cryptocoin

Egypt CryptocoinName: EGYPT (EGY)
Location: Mexico.
Website: egyptcryptocoin.com

The upcoming ICO will offer 1 EGY = 0.1 US Dollar. The public share of 650000000 EGY is gold-backed by depositing all the token paid value in BullionVault and a monthly report will be available for the public to see it through the website.


FutureGoldName: FutureGold
Location: Perth, Australia.
Website: futuregold.com.au

FutureGold is a proposed cryptoasset to be backed by secured royalty streams from future gold production, and developed to provide funding to emerging gold mining producers via Blockchain technology. The offering will be fully compliant with Australian securities law.

More information here.

G Coin

G-CoinName: G-Coin ()
Location: Santa Clara CA, USA
Website: gcoin.com

G-Coin is a digital token backed by responsibly sourced, physical gold. One G-Coin token represents digital ownership of one gram of conflict-free gold stored in an approved vault. Using blockchain technology, responsibly sourced gold is tracked from mine to vault and then digitized into G-Coin tokens.


GODcoinName: GODcoin (GOD)
Location: USA
Website: godcoin.gold

GODcoin is “the official coin of Christ” and offers gold and silver-backed cryptocurreny. It’s also “endorsed by God the Heavenly Father, and issued by the Messiah, Lord Ra-El.” One gold token (GOD) is worth one ounce of physical gold. One silver token (SOD) is worth one ounce of physical silver.

While looking for information for this I found another GOD coin so I’m not sure what 3-letter code they will use.

Read more here: Goldenugget: A New Stablecoin Pegged To Real Gold.


GoldchainName: TruGold
Location: Wyoming, USA.
Website: goldchaincrypto.io

Goldchain offer tokenized precious metals with provenance and origin on the EOS Blockchain. TruGold is the first token in the Goldchain suite of products offered to customers. The circulating supply of TruGold represents materials extracted and weighed from the processing plant.

There is no ICO or Airdrop associated with this project.


GoldGramCoinName: GoldGramCoin (GGC)
Location: Singapore.
Website: goldgramcoin.com

GoldGramCoin (GGC) represents 100% direct ownership of 99.99% investment-grade, pure physical gold. 1 GGC = 1 gram of fine gold. The title is maintained by a cryptographically secure blockchain database that investors can utilize to verify ownership. The physical gold is securely stored in the Gold Vault and is fully deliverable upon request at any time. Gold ownership is verified using blockchain technology to ensure data accuracy and tracking.


Location: Cayman Islands.
Website: gold.io

GOLD.IO plans to be the first cross-blockchain DEX (Decentralized EXchange) and DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Community). The mission of GOLD.IO is to create an infrastructure ruled by like-minded individuals, sharing the same vision and idea for the future of the decentralized community-governed gold market.


GoldlinksName: Goldlinks
Location: Singapore.
Website: goldlinks.one

Goldlinks is a global gold industry alliance, every 100 GGC is pegged to 1 gram of fine gold.


Location: Vancouver, Canada.
Website: canamexgold.com

Canadian-based mining firm Canamex are offering tokenized gold and silver, with the GOLDUSA token representing 1/200 oz of gold.

More details at: Canamex Gold: GOLDUSA and SILVERUSA Security Tokens Digital Securities Offer Board


LondonCoinName: LondonCoin (LDX)
Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea.
Website: londoncoin.io

LondonCoin provides a cryptoecosystem consisting of a core cryptocurrency, a decentralized exchange, and a wallet. LDX will be backed by real physical gold, accumulated and locked up in a ‘reserve only’ foundation in Switzerland. Gold reserves are owned by LDX holders, and LDX holders can exchange the cryptocurrency with actual gold bars.


MeldName: Meldcoin (MELD)
Location: Melbourne, Australia.
Website: meld.gold

Meld is a gold-backed digital currency that’s supported by an open network of partners. At the heart of Meld is Melbourne Mint -the platform’s founding partner.

Meld is built on two tokens: A gold-backed currency where 1 token = 1 gram of physical gold, stored in secure vaulting facilities, fully redeemable for physical gold. A security token will earn gold via every transaction.


NovemName: Novem (NNN)
Location: Vaduz, Liechtenstein.
Website: novem.ag

Using the NEO blockchain platform, Novem have created two cryptocurrency tokens: 999.9 (NNN, gold-backed token), with 100 tokens equals 1 gram of gold and tied to the gold price. A utility token (NOVEM – NVM) is used to pay for services and trading costs relating to the 999.9 gold token.

Novem AG is based in Liechtenstein and their gold reserves are stored in Frankfurt, Germany by Loomis.


OLegacyName: OToken
Website: olegacy.com

A blockchain platform that generates the OToken, 100% backed by gold to save, transfer, transact, redeem or spend. 1 OToken = 1/1,000 of gold’s spot price. No ICO.

Quantum Gold

Quantum GoldName: Quantum Gold (QTG)
Location: Macau.
Website: qtg.io

Quantum Gold Token is a cryptocurrency that combines backing by a physical gold reserve and income from forthcoming production of gold from selected gold mines. For each QTG Token, half of the proceeds (net of expenses) will be allocated to purchase physical 999 gold and stored in Real Gold Reserve (RGR). The other half of the proceeds will be stored in Growing Token Reserve (GTR), which will be invested in selected gold mines. Every year in return, an agreed portion of gold production from the mines will go to the Real Gold Reserve (RGR).


QuintricName: Quintric (?)
Location: Utah, USA.
Website: quintric.com

Quintric combines cryptocurrencies with real gold and silver coins using the Bitshares platform.

For the gold token, “each Quint token constitutes five U.S. gold cents (one 1/1000th of a one-ounce, U.S. legal tender, gold coin) payable on demand in minimum 1,000 token increments for an American Eagle/Buffalo gold coin, bearing a fifty dollar face value.”

The gold coins are stored in a fully audited vault and deliverable upon request. There is no ICO for this project. Instead, a pre-launch promotion is on until the 4th of July, 2018.

Tiberius Coin

Tiberius CoinName: Tiberius Coin (TCX)
Location: Zug, Switzerland.
Website: tiberiuscoin.com

Tiberius Coin is an asset-backed token made up of an alloy of metals, including gold. The metal is held and
audited by independent warehouses, and available for delivery upon request. Every token includes:

Technology metals: 25g copper, 5g tin
Electric Vehicle metals: 25g aluminium, 6g nickel, 1g cobalt
Stability metals: 3mg gold, 1.5mg platinum

The Initial Metals Sale (IMS) in October in 2018 was put on hold due to the fact that “credit card processors were going to make investing in Tiberius Coin difficult”.


TokenOroName: TokenOro (ORO)
Location: Bend, Oregon, USA.
Website: tokenoro.com

When you purchase a TokenOro token, 50% will go to purchase, gold bullion, gold bullion certificates and/or cash that will be placed in a secure, insured gold vault and 50% will go into mining production and company operations.

TPX Gold

TPX GoldName: TPX Gold (TPX)
Location: Birmingham, UK.
Website: tpxnetwork.com

TPX Gold is gold registered and traded on the blockchain. 1 TPX equals 1 gram of gold. All gold is London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved 999.9 fine gold, stored by Brinks and fully insured by Lloyds of London.

TrueGoldCoin (TGC)

TrueGoldCoinName: TrueGoldCoin (TGC)
Location: Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis.
Website: truegoldcoin.com

TrueGoldCoin hold titles for more than 1,800 hectares of mining rights in Colombia. The company that owns True Gold Coin has the license to issue TrueGoldCoin tokens up to a maximum of 10% of the gold reserves held by the trust.


TxGoldName: TxGold ()
Location: Texas, USA.
Website: restore.money

TxGold is a gold-backed currency with near zero transaction costs (for both sending and receiving), and settlement times of 2-4 seconds. Backed by redeemable gold coins, which are stored and secured in the state of Texas (and insured by Lloyd’s of London), TxGold is available on the open-source Stellar platform. Users can get started by exchanging fiat or crypto currency for TxGold, or by sending their own physical gold coins.


USDVaultName: USDVault (USDV)
Location: Switzerland.
Website: vault.ch

USDVault (USDV) is a stablecoin, pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar. USDV is fully backed by, and redeemable for, gold held in Swiss vaults directly via 3rd party fiduciaries. This looks like a transparent and accountable alternative to Tether (USDT). The USDVault token is expected to launch in late 2018.

Value Units

Value UnitsName: Value Units (VUS)
Location: Hong Kong.
Website: v-units.com

Value Untis is a decentralized blockchain covered with physical gold that is stored in various Swiss army bunkers.


X8currencyName: X8currency (X8C)
Location: Zug, Switzerland
Website: x8currency.com

X8Currency is positioning itself as stable token for crypto investors. X8C is an Ethereum token, 100% backed by a combination of 8 fiat currencies and gold. Each token is represented with assets deposited in bank accounts. Gold is held in physical reserves in the format of gold coins. The percentage of each currency and gold is unclear.


ZenGoldName: ZenGold (ZGC)
Location: China.
Website: zengold.org

ZenGold is a cryptocurrency is backed by physical gold. Each ZNG token represents 1 gram of 99.99% Gold reserved in Shanghai Gold Exchange Vault.

Crypto Graveyard: Cancelled / Closed / Didn’t Meet Funding

Since I’ve started keeping track of gold-backed cryptocurrencies some have already fallen by the wayside.


AuricName: Auric (AURI)
Location: Zurich, Switzerland.
Website: auric.io

Auric is a store of value and medium of exchange cryptocurrency backed by a physical store of gold at a rate of 0.001oz per Auric. Owners can hold Auric, trade it on exchanges, or transfer it for this equivalent amount of gold via the Auric Market at any time.

The ICO ran in September 2018. Since then the site has gone blank, and here was the last update on the Bitcoin Forum.

“Thanks very much for all the ICO funds…we will try and launch Auric sometime before 2040. Have a great day. No more updates until then.”


BaselBitName: BaselBit (BB3)
Location: Zug, Switzerland.
Website: baselbit.ch

BaselBit was a planned crypto currency backed by gold and silver reserves. According to the website:

“Due to unobtainable and unverifiable audits of underlying assets of Basel Bit and its principle guarantor not providing contracted financing forces the organization to cease operations.”

Crypto-Gold Coin

CryptoGLDName: Crypto-Gold Coin (CGC)
Location: ?
Website: cryptogoldcoin.net

Crypto-Gold Coin started out as CryptoGLD (CrGLD). The original website at cryptogld.com is no longer working so I found their new site via the Facebook page. It says they are a cryptocurrency but it doesn’t appear to be on any exchange (and CGC is another token). When I checked it was selling a 1 ounce Crypto-Gold Coin at US$1,300.00, even though the current market price at the time was US$1,321.00. There is no office listed, and no mention of how the gold is stored or how you can sell it once you have bought.


Location: Dubai, U.A.E.
Website: currensee.io

Currensee was a gold-backed crypto currency valued at the current price of 1gm of Gold. The value of the physical gold in the reserve is directly proportionated to track the performance of the coin in the market. The Currensee platform is built on a private blockchain, based on the Ethereum Technology.

Digital Bullion Gold

Digital Bullion GoldName: Digital Bullion Gold (DBG)
Location: ?
Website: digitalbulliongold.com

This project has gone dormant and there is no contact from the developer.


TallyName: Goldbloc
Location: London, UK.
Website: goldbloc.com

Goldbloc was a gold-backed digital currency and banking platform project developed by The Real Asset Company (TRAC) and Lionsgold (LSE: LION). Goldbloc has since pivoted to become Tally, which is not a cryptocurrency. This will be a “100% reserve banking platform and physical asset currency used in everyday banking through a smartphone banking app and Mastercard debit card”.

Gold Cryptocurrency

Gold CryptocurrencyName: Gold Cryptocurrency (GOLDC)
Location: ?
Website: goldcryptocurrency.org

A proposed gold-based online currency that was saying it had an ICO in August 2017, though I couldn’t find any record of it. There were some updates at github, and the website has since gone offline.


GramGoldName: GramGold (GGT)
Location: United Kingdom
Website: gramgold.net

GramGold was a gold exchange, a gold vault, a gold ATM, and a foundation. The Gramgold Token (GGT) is 10% backed by gold. The GramGold ICO was on in March, 2018 and went offline in April, 2018.

IC3 Cubes

IC3 CubesName: IC3 Cubes (IC3)
Location: Canada.
Website: ic3cubes.com

IC3 Cubes secured by 100% Canadian gold. The site has gone offline with no other information on its fate.


LightcashName: Lightcash (LCSH)
Location: Belize.
Website: lightcash.io

Lightcash Crypto Gold is pegged to actual gold, in a ratio of 1000 LCSH’s to one gram of gold. By purchasing tokens, investors receive an ownership share in the gold mining company. An ICO ran until June 2018, and it has since gone offline. Check for updates at bitcointalk.org.

Magma Coin

Magma CoinName: Magma Coin (MGM)
Location: Manchester UK.
Website: magmacoin.org

Magma Coin ran an ICO with the whitepaper saying that “the company uses exchange traded funds (ETF) or physical gold (of 999 quality) as its security.” When searching for what content of gold is on each token, the whitepaper said “Each Magma token represents X amount of Gold Miligram of Gold.”

Midas Rezerv

Midas RezervName: Midas Rezerv (MRCoin)
Location: Thailand.
Website: midasrezerv.com

One of the earliest attempts at a gold-backed crypto was by Midas Rezerv. A press release from 2015 says that every Midas Rezerv token is 100% backed by 1 gram of gold.

My Big Coin

My Big CoinName: My Big Coin (MBC)
Location: Nevada, USA.
Website: mybigcoin.com

My Big Coin was a virtual currency that claimed was backed by gold. In February 2019 the founder was arrested on federal charges for participating in a scheme to defraud people.


OZcoinGoldName: OZcoinGold (OzGLD)
Location: ?
Website: ozgld.com

OzGLD was a proposed cryptocurrency 100% backed by gold. A paid press release stated that “each 100 OZcoinGold coins is backed by 1/3 gold bullion stored in the Perth Mint and 2/3 gold reserves held by Ozcoin Inc, to be delivered to Perth Mint by March 2022.” There was no mention on the Perth Mint site, and no physical contact details were the website which has since gone offline.


RealesName: Reales (RLS)
Location: Tallinn, Estonia.
Website: realescoin.io

Reales coin was a token that combines a basket of precious metal and cryptocurrencies. The breakdown of each token is 10% physical gold, 35% physical silver, 20% Bitcoin, and 20% for ICO’s and alt-coins (total 85%). The remaining 10% was for company’s budget and 5% for operational costs.

An ICO was held in 2018 and didn’t reach their softcap.

Royal Mint Gold

Royal Mint GoldName: Royal Mint Gold (RMG)
Location: London, England.
Website: royalmint.com

The Royal Mint planned to team up with CME Group (the derivatives marketplace) to offer bullion on the blockchain. Royal Mint Gold (RMG) proposed to offer real gold, stored in The Royal Mint vault, and traded on a digital trading platform provided by CME Group. It would have been be available through third party investment intermediaries such as banks and brokers. The project was abandoned in October, 2018.

Tether Gold

Tether GoldName: Tether Gold (GLDT)
Location: ?
Website: tethergold.com

A press release was posted about an ICO for Tether Gold. It appears to be inspired by Tether (USDT), which is pegged to the US Dollar. In this case 1 GLDT = 1 Oz / 31.1 Grams .9999 AU GOLD. The website looked hastily thrown together that made it look like a scam coin.

The Mining Co.

The Mining Co.Name: The Mining Co. (TMC)
Location: Nevada, USA.
Website: theminingcompany.club

The Mining Co. is a mining company in Nevada that are raising funds for a gold mine via an ICO. TMC tokens are backed by the gold mine, so there is no set value for the token until gold is mined. The value of the token will increase according to mined gold. The website says it’s “the first cryptocurrency to be asset-based”, so they’re obviously not readers of my blog 🙄

Status Unclear


Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea.
Website: aurumx.io

AURUM X (previously known as Gold Mining) will secure gold through its cryptocurrency mining business. Future plans are based on creating a large mining center, which cryptocurrency-based revenue would continue to increase gold reserves.

Holder of X tokens will then be distributed with V tokens, which is pegged with with price of gold (1 V token = 0.01g physical gold). V tokens are issued only as much as the quantity of gold held. The gold will be continuously secured from the profits of large-scale mining centers, cryptocurrency exchange, gold products and discount shopping malls.

ICO started on August 1st, 2018. The site has since gone offline – awaiting more details.


BullionCoinName: BullionCoin (XAAU)
Location: Isle of Man.
Website: bullioncoin.com

Bullioncoin is a gold and silver backed cryptocurency. Gold Bullioncoin (XAAU) is equal to one gram of gold, and silver Bullioncoin (XAAG) is be equal to 50 grams of silver. There is also a Debit MasterCard available which can use your Bullioncoins for every day purchases.

The site is offline with the message: “BullionCoin is undergoing some updates inline with the recent GDPR regulations and will be back online soon.”


GoldBlocksName: GoldBlocks (GB)
Location: Slovenia
Website: mygoldblocks.com

GoldBlocks is a blockchain based MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) mining site that also has gold-backed something or other. I don’t know how to describe this as the website just says a bunch of buzzwords without clearly describing what it does. It says they “work with various gold trading platforms”, the site is incomplete with broken links. The coin is trading and you can read updates here.

The site has since gone offline – awaiting further details.


GoldMineCoinName: GoldMineCoin (GMC)
Location: Russia.
Website: goldminecoin.io

GoldMineCoin is – as the name suggests – is a coin backed by a gold mine. This crypto-currency is secured by gold deposits in the Magadan Region of the Russian Federation. This set up resembles the exploratory mining companies that frequent the penny stock listings. You have a high risk of not finding gold and potential high reward of hitting a productive gold mine.

Pre-ICO ran until August 2018. The site has since gone offline – looking for more information on this.


Location: Mauritius.
Website: mast.eco

MAST is a collaboration by HYBSE, GMEX, and MINDEX to list the world’s first Multi-Asset Stable Token (MAST). The MAST is a modern digital asset combining multiple tiers of equities and currencies which are backed
by physical allocations of gold.

The ATO (Asset Token Offering) closes at the end of April, 2019. The site has since gone offline.

Sudan Gold Coin

Sudan Gold CoinName: Sudan Gold Coin (SGC)
Location: Dubai, U.A.E.
Website: sudangm.com

Sudan Gold Coin is a gold mining business with blockchain technologies that offers a fair distribution of the profit. Each token at the beginning will be tied to the 0.05g of gold per token. More gold is added to each token as the gold is physically mined. The mine is located in a study area of over 8000 Km2 in Northern State of Sudan. The Dubai SG mining Co controls 100% of the Sudanese mining company. ICO ends 30 January, 2019.

The site has since closed with a notification of legal action lodged by Netarc AG, against the promoters of SGC (Sudan Gold Coin and its Initial Coin Offering) due to false representation and public defamation.

How to buy gold-backed cryptocurrency

Before you buy any of the gold-backed cryptocurrencies listed you will need to have a stash of Ethereum or Bitcoin available. If you already have then you can skip to the next section.

If you are buying and selling altcoins on a regular basis then it’s worth getting accounts set up and verified on different exchanges. With the current high demand in trading crypto you may find that some exchanges will take weeks to get set up, so having different options will get you started quicker.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two major cryptocurrencies that are used to buy alt-coins on exchanges. For ICO (Initial Coin Offering) purchases Ethereum might be the only payment available if the token is running on Ethereum.

You will end up having accounts at different exchanges as not all exchanges accept fiat currencies, and the ones that do may not trade the coin you want.

Here are some crypto exchanges where you can deposit cash to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Coinbase is the most well known site to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum. They are ideal if you are new and just want to get started quickly. (This link will also give you $10 on your first $100 deposit.)

Coinmama is another speedy option to get Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Coinmama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Paxful is peer to peer marketplace for buying and selling bitcoin. They offer more than 300 ways to pay for bitcoins, such as direct debit, credit card, Paypal, and via giftcards.

SpectroCoin offers a fiat and virtual currency exchange with more than 20 currency options available

Once you are set up and have bought BTC or ETH you can then follow the instructions from the cryptocurrency you are buying.

Cryptocurrencies that aren’t gold-backed

While researching and updating this list I keep finding Cryptocurrencies that sound like they are gold-related. The biggest naming misnomer is Bitcoin Gold (BTG), which is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain and has no gold attached to it. What a wasted opportunity to not have an actual gold-bitcoin. The name has really messed up my gold news alerts as well.

At least Bitcoin Gold aren’t pretending to be linked to the value of gold, just as a Visa or Mastercard Gold Card isn’t pretending to be made of gold. Things start getting murky with Ethereum Gold (ETG). Ethereum Gold is built on the Ethereum blockchain and was launched in October 2017 as an airdrop to crypto forum readers. The website says that it’s a “smart-contracts governed ecosystem that applies blockchain technologies using the value of GOLD.” There is no other mention of how it is connected to the value of gold.

Crypto Bullion (CBX) has been trading since before any gold-backed crypto got started, but it doesn’t have any bullion backing. It was launched to function as a store of wealth and emulate the properties and supply of gold.

GoldCoin (GLD) is “Digital Gold” and not backed by physical gold. It was founded in 2013 and is a decentralised open-source cryptocurrency forked from Litecoin.

GBCGoldCoin (GBC) is a Russian cryptocurrency and is not backed by gold coins.

GoldReserve (XGR) appears to have started out as being backed by gold but “XGR is not backed by gold at the moment“.

Gold Bits Coin (GBC) project is no longer gold-backed.

News / Watch List

The Blackwood Gold Coin – 1ozg (as in 1 oz of Gold). Only 120,000 Blackwood Gold 1ozg crypto coins will ever be issued.

Pricefitch – Trading as PFA on bestcmex.com, unable to find any details about this.

Korean startup GoldMining launches gold-backed cryptocurrency. Pre-sale of tokens will start on April 1.

$UNY / $DIG — a cryptocurrency backed by gold by Cryptobontix.

Venezuela announces new ‘Petro Gold’ cryptocurrency, one day after launching the Petro

Canamex Gold Corp. announce a non-brokered private placement of Gold Royalty Tokens to accredited investors.

Cryptocurrency backed by gold being developed by Perth Mint to entice investors back to precious metals – The Perth Mint is wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia, so this would be similar to the project being developed by the Royal Mint of the UK.

Guyana Goldstrike investigates blockchain platform for cryptocurrency funding of the Marudi Gold Project

IEG Holdings plans to create its own IEGH Crypto/Blockchain currency backed by gold metal and SEC registration as a security.

Goldcliff (a mining company) plan to develop a gold based cryptocurrency.

GoldenRock – a national cryptocurrency proposed by Kyrgyzstan that will be backed by gold.

HayekGold – A gold-backed, digital asset using block chain technology and the Counterparty platform. By Anthem Vault who have developed Anthem Gold. Unclear if this is going to be developed as well.

Petro – Venezuela will create a cryptocurrency backed by oil, gas, diamond reserves, and gold.

Russia is looking into launching a gold-backed “CryptoRuble”, though as a state-issued cryptocurrency that cannot be mined, it’s not very crypto.

Future gold-backed cryptocurrencies / ICO’s

There are more gold-backed cryptocurrencies being developed, so we will add them here as they become known. If you know of any others or are developing one leave a comment.


As mentioned previously, this is intended as a directory and is not an editorial endorsement. Do your own research before buying.

Some of the coins and exchanges include referral links which may earn Goldscape.net a commission. I will make a note of any tokens that I have bought.

James Clark

James Clark is the editor of Goldscape.net. Originally from Melbourne, he has been a digital nomad since 2003, running a location independent business while travelling the world.


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    5. All of them are scam coins except karat coin KBC.. if you invested anything in any other project forget it.

  2. Hello Goldscape, I would like to introduce IC3 Cubes – the newest gold based token on the market. The IC3 Token represents a fraction of a gram of gold, price at market settlement-day of purchase. IC3 Cubes is backed by physical gold via a actual gold mine and vault in North Western Canada.

    All asset certificates and tokens are issued off of verified gold within the vault. We are verified and insured by AON & Lloyds.

    Currently in our Exclusive Presale – Lot 1 of 10, consisting of the equivalent to 10 tons of Gold.

    We believe in the profound opportunity/impact a gold cryptoasset represents and what it will mean for investment, trade and exchange of the future. As the industry matures, a truly authentic gold based token has significant applications and appeal.

    We look forward to connecting with you, there is alot of gold to go around!

    Best Regards,


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    1. Look no further! Seriously. Kinesis is a much improved Bullioncoin with way more big investors and a better management team. You get paid yield for using gold as money! I’d send you my referral link but James is deleting it. Good man James. I can’t believe James isn’t putting up his Kinesis referral link on this webpage and get 3% commission on any referrals he receives.

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  6. Hi James – it will be interesting to see how blockchain performs long-term in conjunction with crypto gold. I agree that there could be risks around storage and future financialisation, plus it could remove a lot of the secrecy around gold ownership.


  7. Does anyone know if there are any gold backed crypto’s being traded on Bittrex?

  8. Press Release:

    November 24, 2017 Panama, Panama City, Panama. XGold (XGC), the company that created a financial solution to purchase large or small Gold contracts in the Global Market place through a decentralised platform, today confirmed that it will kick-start it’s XGC Coin offering with a Pre-ICO to start on December 11, 2017

    “We are excited with the levels of interest that XGC has generated. Our global partners are looking forward to being part of our advance to reshape the way the Gold business works. Lower costs, higher profits, greater security. what’s not to get excited about?,” said Dan Lazarus, CEO of XGold.

    To date, pre-sale interest has been sophisticated and culturally diverse: including experienced crypto investors and early investor groups.

    The XGold Pre-ICO will open at 00:00:00 EST on December 11, 2017. XGold will use the Pre-ICO funds raised for Marketing, Development and Administrative/legal, and, to continue to advance their operational goals. XGold has targeted a Soft Cap offering of 500,000 XGC Coin, and plans to raise an approximate initial amount of 20M (USD equivalent). The Hard Cap will be 2,000,000 XGC. Details are provided in the XGold Whitepaper.

    The introduction of XGC will synthesise years of relationships and experience in the Gold market to bring fresh prospective: Solving the long debated issue of how to buy Real Physical Gold in safe, private and secure ways whilst removing intermediary threats, and middleman costs.

    The company technology is built as a Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) and based on the Blockchain Platform Ethereum using ERC23 Smart Contracts. This will provide security, flexibility and contractual anonymity whilst being recorded chronologically and publicly on the Ethereum digital ledger.

    Website: xgold.com.pa

    Media Contact
    Contact Email: communications@xgold.com.pa

  9. this makes more sense then the present crypto market and more likely to be excepted by financial .,markets, great info

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    CURRENSEE LOGO is incorrect in the list. Please find it on currensee.io

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    Location: Dubai

    1. Hi The Logo for CURRENSEE COIN is still not fixed. Please update the correct logo.


      1. Sorry, fixed now!

      2. Do you have any social media presence or ways that people can contact you? Your whitepaper says that the ICO runs until April 2018 but I can’t find any information on it.

  11. Hi,

    Please take a look at HelloGold and the GBT: https://medium.com/hellogold/announcing-gbt-4cc93829adeb

    The smart contract is already created and product currently sold OTC with plans to sell through a user interface in the coming months. Some of those listed here do not have a working product yet.

    As you pointed out, accounting for the physical gold is equally as important as the blockchain. The gold backing GBT is held in a partnering vault that is audited by Bureau Veritas and insured by XL Group. Gold operations is based on that of the SPDR GLD, the world’s largest gold ETF. Our CEO, Robin was the Principal Accounting Officer of the GLD as well as CFO of the World Gold Council which runs the GLD.

    Related links:
    Website: https://www.hellogold.org/
    Review by Smith&Crown: https://www.smithandcrown.com/sale/hellogold-token-sale-tokenized-gold-savings/
    Shariah compliance of the gold: http://shariahgold.com/products

  12. What about Goldmoney (listed on Canadian TSX as XAU)? It is well advanced as a precious metal backed cryptocurrency.

    1. Yes Goldmoney is an established Gold trading and storage site, but it is not on a public blockchain. It looks like they just tacked on “blockchain” http://community.goldmoney.com/discussion/3235/blockchain

    2. I think GoldMoney were allowing purchases with cryptos, but they are a hard asset storage entity, just like the banks used to be. Brinks.
      The great innovation there is that one can buy and sell by the gram to anyone in any currency (pretty much), electronically, or else sell some and have the proceeds put onto a pre-paid card and spend it. So fairly easy to replace your savings account with gold, silver, platinum.
      Laws regarding possession via storgage facilities are much less politically motivated, and very settled and accepted and uniform everywhere. Not like the banking laws.

  13. What do we need to do to get listed?

    1. It’s free to list! I’m just adding them as they are discovered, so being emailed the details when a new one launches is welcome. Email me via http://www.goldscape.net/contact/

  14. GoldCrypto.io Launches Unique Digital Gold Standard Cryptocurrency


    Key Capital Establishes Blockchain Fintech Division and Signs Gold Pre-Purchase Agreement with GoldCrypto.io to Deliver Gold Bullion


  15. you should check this site out, it will blow them all away.
    They have found a way to merge all precious metals under one cryptocurrency

  16. So in your view which is the most credible crypto above to invest in?

    1. That’s a good question man. I’m wondering that myself. I hope you get a reply. With so many it seems kind of scammy.

      1. I know that they don’t want to directly advise which one so no come back on them if it doesn’t come off. But more substance needed so we can make better informed decisions. Due diligence is key to ICO investing. Good luck.

        1. Hi Tony, that’s correct! As I am not a financial advisor, and with little information on some coins I’m not making any recommendations. So far Xaurum (XAUR) is the only one listed on exchanges, and in 2018 I will buy some of the newly listed coins and make a more detailed comparison of each one.

          1. Thanks for the reply James. Look forward to more of your reviews.


      2. Love that you say scammy, Isnt most ICO’s scammy, no utility what soever. Disclosure I am the developer of XGold above.

        Just this morning quote:
        All crypto communities, ethereum included, should heed these words of warning. Need to differentiate between getting hundreds of billions of dollars of digital paper wealth sloshing around and actually achieving something meaningful for society.”

        In reality most dont understand that the big movers are nothing more than Blockchain transaction companies that most will never go away as the altcoins are built in these chains. The problem is the altcoin ICO’s like many will fail and or never make it and they have no out. Its a bunch of people buying to see the $1 turn into 18K. Never will happen. Read our blog about Utility and Volatility. XGold will never be volatile and will always have an out. We will never move to a exchange because they are the ones creating volatile crypto currencies . We will start our own app and xchange to give our token a usable utility. Stay posted and know the only way you make big profits with our token is to buy them at the discount, after that they will stay the same and will not fluctuate much, but will have the option of redemption. If not go buy some bananacoins at 50 cents and wait a year when it goes up 800% then try to cash it out or use it.

  17. There is one primary concern. How easy in practice is any crypto-currency redeemable for physical precious metal ? That is how easily can a holder swap crypto for physical gold, silver, platinum or palladium metal in the hand ?
    Any uncertainty about this and confidence in the crypto being a store of value is destroyed.

  18. Hi can you please look at Bankcoin Reserve.. apparently they are completely backed by Gold.

    I even have a wallet with a nice amount of coins.. so i am wondering why they are not on your list. Thanks

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I had never heard of it until now so thanks for the tip-off.

      I had a look at the site and it doesn’t fill me with confidence. I’ve not found any exchange that lists BCR, and a Google search just returns paid press releases. The site is filled with broken links, it shows magazine covers as if to say they are featured in them, and the address appears to be a suburban house in Brisbane. There is no information on the founders, and the way they describe taking payments is not a blockchain system. It doesn’t say where your gold is or who the mystery third party buyers are, so I would be staying away from this.

      1. I don’t believe you quite explored the concept behind this coin. BCR is clearly tethered to the gold price, not backed by the metal. Its granted patents give it value to a specialised market as opposed to common traders.

  19. Hi James,,
    Thank you for that info. However,
    I am sure Garry has the patent on the Blockchain as per this link https://snn.bz/bankcoin-is-patented. BCR is also in business with BankcoinGlobal who have already started on their business. And I was under the impression BCR has loaned them the Blockchain rights in which the link I providedshould show all that. I look forward to your response please..

    Ps – try this link as well http://bankcoins.info/

    1. Hi Kevin,

      ok thanks I’ll have another look. Do you have anything to do with it? I’m just wondering as you put the URL in your comment signature.

    2. 100% not true, they might have a patent on a process on blockchain, but 100% no one has the patent on BLOCKCHAIN itself.

      1. I don’t think they ever stated they patented the whole blockchain? Like you said, the processes on the block chain and in this particular example, the Financial Sector.

  20. While many are backed by gold, are any of these coins/tokens actually redeemable in gold from the issuer?

    1. “Full disclosure” I am a team member for XGold and we do have a 100% redemption program.

  21. Gold cryptocurrency is more stable than any other cryptocurrency because of the gold backing. Gold has been used as currency from past times.

  22. What about bitgld. It’s bitshares smart coin assert that pig to gold price

    1. Hi Ronen,

      I can’t find any up-to-date information on it.

  23. As far as development, Assetbase is ahead of the others, although they really need more marketing . Assetbase is coming out with their precious metal backed crypto coin online marketplace next week, you will be able to buy and pre-order 5 different precious metals.

  24. I’ve perused this list and I am especially attracted to Assetbase. For one, they have silver crypto and I believe silver is much more underpriced than gold at this point. The upside will be greater. Their closest competition would be Aurus and DigixDAO, since they all do similar things: tokenizing physical stuff. The thing I don’t like about Aurus is they charge a 2% demurrage/storage fee annually upon transaction of the crypto for gold, which is steep. DigixDAO charges 0.6% annually which quite competitive compared to tradition storage and insurance fees in regular vaults. Assetbase charges 0.7% annually for silver, 0.5% for the other metal cryptos like gold. So that’s better from a user perspective. DigixDAO “occassionally” gives out rewards to token holders based on total transaction fees collected. Assetbase gives out 100% of transaction fees to token holders. That sounds way better. Now to my concerns about Assetbase. If you have listened/read commentary from John Rubino from dollarcollapse.com, you will hear him being optimistic about gold/silver backed crypto, with the caveat that you should go for ones that allocate specific bars to the token. Meaning that token represents a specific bar that’s yours. I don’t think any of the above mentioned is allocated that way, but are pooled accounts held by the foundation themselves (DinarDurham might be allocated?). Which John Rubino says makes the silver their liability (counterparty risk). This is especially worrisome when the foundation is investing in other types of business like real estate or projects. If in the worst case scenario the project becomes bankrupt and owes more than it has in assets, will a court order the foundation to hand over their gold and silver to meet liabilities? I’ve spoken with Assetbase and they assure me that they take the utmost precautions by having liability insurance. Still, I would be more comfortable if they do what all the big corporations do: make subsidiaries. Like Dunkin Donuts is actually a bunch of corporations, not just one. One for their intellectual property, one for their buildings, one for the actual donut store. If one goes bust, it doesn’t take the whole ship down. Assetbase can do the same thing with each investment. Just a consideration, I’m not sure how it would mesh with how they have their foundation set up. And also it would add quite a bit more work and legal fees. By the way, cryptos are crashing, why does DigixDAO looks so good? Up more than 20%. HAha suckers. Gold/silver crypto to the moon!

    1. Full disclosure: josh, programmer and smart contract developer for xGold. For someone to make this determination/opinion they wold first have to understand what the actual coin can do for you, what classification the coin has been given. I read your previous promotion of assetbase and do my research as I normally do once a new “goldbacked” coin gets placed on the list. I can say 100% that your making the worst determination based on your research that assettbase is the holy grail of gold backed crypto. If you don’t know how to read a smart contract, I would advise start with that first before making any decision of what to invest in and be sure to understand the functionality of the coin, not everyone wants gold nor everyone wants to store gold in someone else vault. xGold rides as a ERC20 token and the board has decided that was a bad decision to ride on someone blockchain. You want to learn more about coin classifications go to the xGold Blog. Im not trying to drag anyone away from this site, I just want people to be informed and educated as there will be a thinning of cryptos this year and getting stuck with something you don’t want is of high possibility. Just ask Mr. James how many gold cryptos have bit the gold dust since hes been posting this thread.

      1. Why on xGold when trying to buy coins it asks for name, address, etc?

        What will get the customer? ERC20 token or record on your private database?

        1. Thanks for you question.

          XGold require this info because we are transitioning towards accepting fiat currency. You will notice the info we ask for is far less invasive than Coinbase or credit card companies. They want passports and proof of address etc. You understand the info we require limits fraud, money laundering, and other associated activities. You should know 90% of ICO’s require some kind of registration with personal details. If you are not comfortable with giving this limited information you may find more freedom with alternative crypto-currencies: of course you risk losing your funds, or worse, being linked to money laundering. Good luck.

    2. Correction: Digix doesn’t “occasionally” give out *parts* of the tx fees. They REGULARLY give out ALL the tx fees to the DGD tokenholders.

  25. Can you also list Canamex Resources which is offering a gold backed royalty token on its Bruner Gold Project.


    1. Thanks Chris, I’ve added it to the watch list.

  26. What about Karatbars cryptocurrency backed by gold? Is this new?

    1. Hi Diane, I had not seen it so I’ve added it to my watch list.

      1. Hey james, wanted to clear up a few things with the karatbars gold backed cryptocurrency.

        I feel it is misrepresented a bit or bland so to say.

        Karatbars International deals with physical currency grade 99.9 pure private issued gold refined from LBMA Certified refineries.

        The gold is heat-sealed in credit card sized cards and delivered via FedEx or can also be stored for free by the company.

        They have a KB Universe that will run on its own block chain technology. Currently there are two coins, KCB and KBC. There is going to be a hartfork that will merge the coins into a GSC coin (Gold Standard Coin)

        You are correct that it is currently 100 KCB – 1 gram of Cashgold. Which is physical gold heat sealed into credit card sized cards.

        Karatbars International has achieved the worlds first fully licensed crypto-currency bank. In Miami, Singapore and New Guinea. The coin is backed by 600 tonnes of physical gold in new guinea.

        They are launching 16,000 atm’s that can convert CashGold/Crypto/Fiat Currency. They are also launching their own crypto encrypted smart phone for crypto currency exchanges.

  27. Here is compiling half of these in a 5 min read without going through every website. This covers about half of these, Very well said. I hope they do part 2. https://medium.com/@xgoldcrypto/crypto-gold-or-is-it-crapto-gold-af4b97ea0da

  28. OneGram appears to be a scam like OneCoin. They sell “packages” like OneCoin.

    1. OneGram received several serious awards for its whole architecture, recently it has been listed among 20 best fin-tech solutions in Middle East by the magazine Forbes. See the landing page – there are fresh statuses concerning the steps in the near future:https://medium.com/@01cryptohouse/we-design-onegramcoin-to-use-in-the-real-world-ea036a8f6d2

    2. Ted, I would not say its a scam I would just say its heavily overpriced and complicated. They cannot figure out what it is they have, want or need. Besides it looks very islamic and why is everything in Euro. Gold traditionally has always been priced at $

    3. Onegram coin is a ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme; members recruit new Vizionary affiliates who invest. Classic MLM altcoin pump and dump.

      It is run by a scammy guy and a couple of other Vizonary scammers – Frode, Jesper and Ladislav.

      They have no license in Dubai for precious metals trading or financial services. Same for UK where they are incorporated, no licenses and not registered with UK financial services authority. I should point out that both in UK and Dubai it is required by law to have those.

      It is a pyramid scam with no product.

      Plus the coin is only traded on Huulk whihc is owned by Onegram – so who can prove if there is price manipulation or not?

      For an honest review:


  29. I would like to receive new posts and updates. Thank you.

  30. Hi James,

    A couple of updates re: HelloGold to report. Their fully gold backed coin is now named “Goldx”, not GBT; Also not mentioned is the fact that their other altcoin that’s featured on exchanges such as hitbtc and Coss is “HGT”. Goldx has officially gone live and has a 2% fee that’s charged upon purchace; they give 10% of that 2% as dividends to HGT holders.

    HelloGold Foundation has also said on their twitter page, “We are also exploring other utility for HGT.” Robin, the CEO and former head of the world gold council, has said that they are looking into the logistics of giving a discount on the Goldx rate for HGT holders.

    As well, Goldx has officially earned the world’s first Shariah-compliance certification:


    All the best 🙂

    1. talk about a pig and putting lipstick on it. its still a pig

      1. Then it’s a sexy pig that one wouldn’t want to leave around a potential pig molester because…well…fill in the blanks.

        Also, racist much there Simon? I’ve noticed that people who lead their lives by generalizing everything seem to block logic in their brains, especially when it comes to business..

        You do realize that Dubai is one of the wealthiest cities in the middle east, the vegas of that region, and gold backed cryptos are trying to get in there legally by proving that gambling and volatility doesn’t exist within their infrastructure right?

        Or do you really think that they’re running around with arabic garb,saying durka durka infidels and protecting their gold vaults with swords?

        1. Im a racist because I call your coin a pig with lipstick? First your organization cant decide what you are. “HelloGold” “GoodbyeGold” now your copying “xgold” , 1.) this for me shows an indecisive team that sees other crypto gold backed currencies and strips them of the ideas and names etc. 2.) your not the first sharialaw goldbacked crypto, that was onegram.

          Do you even understand the meaning of shariah law compliance? First it is 100% islamic based on
          how does that make me racist when im stating a fact?
          This also prohibits reba, which I’m sure you guys are charging. Your Gold is over prices your fees are obnoxious. Its a pig with lipstick. I just see way better options than what your offering and if that makes me racist then so be it.

          Good luck with that pig and be careful about casting stones. You go down this path and people might really start investigating your schemes Good luck again “hellogold” “xgold-copy” “goodbye-gold” more like it

          1. Damn son, don’t get your panties in a twist hahahaha

            HelloGold is one of three gold cryptos that I’ve invested in, hence my interest.

            Their shariah law compliance certification comes from the Amanie Advisors, which is highly regarded in the muslim world. Satisfying Shariah law requirements in these countries doesn’t mean the company is actually certified you silly, silly goose.

            You’re not talking to the CEO or rep of HelloGold here ya genius 😉

            (p.s. that pig in your metaphor sounds like a total prostitute)

          2. anyone reading your responses know your a shill for “helloxgoodbye-gold” if you invested provide a ETH wallet and show us. Other than that I call BS. You r the one picking a fight calling people racist and having sex with pigs, now your back peddling. No one in the world gives two sheckles that gold is shariah law compliant from the Amanie advisors, most have no clue what that is. By the wy good name dropping. does pass the smell test. Anyways looked up all the ERC20 contacts and tokens of your “helloxgoodbye-gold” and that don’t pass the smell test either. 8 Transactions of hellogoldx tracker shows 126 owners and 83% is owned by none other than hellogold, the other Im still doing research and its not looking good either, most owners of that coin are hellogold transactional wallets. Good luck “helloxgoodbye-gold” shill “silly Goose”

    1. The one and only Steven: “hellogoldxgoodbye” crypto shill representative, so obvious what it is your doing.

      1. *facepalms* There are not enough facepalms in the world. You, my friend, are not the brightest tool in the toolshed. At first, I thought you were a silly goose. But now it’s obvious it’s something else. Or perhaps you can’t read.

        I already said am invested in HelloGold, along with 2 others. So of course am trying to provide pertinent, real world updates to this page re: the company.

        Live long and prosper,

        1. Actually, I take the above back Simon. You’re probably just a sweet soul who needs a hug 🙂 *hugs*

          1. You’re way too savvy to lie to. I’m not just an investor that would like to see HelloGold do well. I’m actually the prime minister of malaysia and a majority owner of HelloGold. Can’t get anything past ol’ Simon.

  31. 40 days ago, they came out with GoldX token, I’m not saying anything but it sounds a lot like another company doing similar. It’s almost like they ran out of ideas and started copying other crypto currencies. Shariah compliant, like OneGram? Also, what’s with the “foundation” part in the name? Sure a foundation would be excellent for holding the gold (and they probably know this), but unless I’m wrong, these guy’s are not a foundation, they just want you to think they are, Assetbase has an actual foundation for holding the metal.

    I like Gold and Silver backed cryptos, but I would probably not invest too much in HGF, it looks to shady, which is probably why their token price is doing crappy (others investors are thinking the same thing).

    That’s just my thoughts on the matter but who knows, I could be wrong.

    1. could not agree more and is why I said “hellogoldxgoodbyecrypto” its a pig with lipstick. maybe its time for James to install a forum on his site, that would be interesting.

      1. Totally agree…aka a pig street prostitute, pigs of the night if you will, where man pigs drive around the block to pick them up without being spotted by law pigs.

  32. Re: HelloGold,

    I actually really like this Robin Lee fella, the CEO of the company. .Personally, I actually invested in HelloGold because he seems to be an honest guy (former head of the world gold council), and his team appears to be rock solid (includes dave appleton). The big media outlets are providing coverage of the company as well, which actually legitimizes it in my eyes over other gold companies listed on this page. Very unlikely for them to receive this much coverage from CNBC, reuters, RT, and BBC if they were a scam. They’re definitely doing something right in terms of transparency.

    Here’s Robin Lee’s interview on CNBC:

  33. This shill for “heelogold” has completely taken over this website and thread. Really annoying. How do I unsubscribe from the emails?

    1. I was just replying to Richard as to what makes me trust the team there Mr. Simon.

      If you can’t handle someone disagreeing with you and posting their opinions about a company that is in fact on this page’s list, then make like a tree and leave (interesting side factoid: “make like a tree and leave” is an expression from back to the future). Go put lipstick on pigs or something instead of whining and getting your panties in a twist with every comment.

  34. Tether is suppose to be 1 for 1 with the USD and up to this point tether (tether.to) has done a fairly good job at staying close to if not at one dollar. Tether has a proof of Funds listed on their website, this is intended to give you full confidence in their USDT tokens, but after looking at it I’m not too sure it does. I’ll tell you what I see and would be interested to hear you guy’s view of it.

    First, you don’t need to read to far in this document before you see this text ” This information is intended solely to assist the management of Tether Limited (“management”), and solely for management’s use, and is not intended, AND SHOULD NOT BE, USED or RELIED UPON BY ANY OTHER PARTY.). So.. They start out this document (that is supposed to give everyone confidence) by discrediting this document on the first page. Ok on the third page it shows the USD in their account, there are two accounts with USD the first has $382,064,782 and it’s in the tether limited name, the second has $60,919,810 and it’s in someone else’s name (that’s blacked out) for the benefit of tether limited. All the banks are also blacked out.

    I don’t know about you guy’s, but I think there is a lack of transparency with tether. Although they might be 100% honest and legit, I think a lack of transparency leaves the door wide open for corruption. I don’t care if it’s Digix.global, Assetbase.io, Aurus,io or HGF there should be full transparency, otherwise history will repeat itself and we will get another currency that will be vastly manipulated.

    1. Hi! I’ve been following Aurus for quite a while now, their developments, their partnerships. I even met the guys at a few conferences in the crytpo space when they were early on in their venture.

      I agree with what you said about the fees, I also spoke to the Aurus team about it and they are also aware. When I talked to them about it, they said that for a system that is as scalable as theirs (since unlike most other parties on this list, Aurus does not touch the gold in their system nor do they have their own order books), it makes sense to start with a smaller fee and decrease it over time. They have a cool thing in their smart contracts that they can only reduce the fee from 2% and never make it bigger and a key distinction to make is that it’s 2% per annum. If you buy and hold AWG for a few days (to use as payment or as remittance) the fee is very small.

      I find them to be the most innovative player on the list and have been a supporter of them ever since I met them.

  35. I am not an owner of any cryptocurrency, but I am interested in that investment. I find your remarks interesting, educational and funny. Thanks for the infor.


  36. You mention BaselBit 4 (#BB4), but what about BB3? They have websites at: baselbit.ch and bb3wallet.ch.

    1. Thanks for the notice, I’ve updated the listing.

  37. Great article to read, enough information for a beginner such as an ebook. Any suggestions for investing into the best upcoming ICO.

  38. Golden Currency seems to be the “killer” of other gold projects…

  39. James, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

  40. Karatbank has its white paper out

    1. Stay Away. No Transparency.

  41. I would be grateful if you could add GramGold to your list
    10% backed by gold
    “Buy Gold For Less, Sell Gold for More..”

    Not just an ERC20 token backed by Gold and a Global Gold Asset

    Decentralised Trading Plaform based on blockchain technology & cryptocurrency…

    Its a Gold Exchange, a Gold Vault, Gold ATMs

    (to be sited in shopping centres around the Globe) and a Foundation…

    ..all by a UK Precious Metals Processing Company, Birmingham Gold Company”

    Revolutionizing Gold Markets, Globally!
    “Why should you care? Because you, like most people, have probably paid too much when you bought Gold and when you’ve sold it, got far too little back. …We’re going to change that. Use GramGold & Cryptocurrencies to buy, sell & exchange Gold. “Buy Gold for Less, Sell Gold for More”

    1. Forgot to say ICo is at gramgold.net/ico until 30th April 2018

  42. https://www.silverdoctors.com/headlines/world-news/nearly-half-of-all-icos-last-year-have-failed/
    What do you think about the goldbacked ICOs future, they should be alot better if the price of gold will get higher and if there is no fraud involved, any suggestions about what to buy among the listed ones.

  43. Yeah, these are all pretty cool, but I wonder why Quintric hasn’t made the list yet…

    Seems like a crypto backed by Legal Tender gold and silver would be something people would be really interested in. Plus they claim to have a live-streamed facility with no vaulting fees.

    Almost sounds too good to be true; https://www.upma.org/newsroom/2018/3/13/why-quint-may-be-one-of-the-last-cryptocurrencies

    1. Thanks for letting me know about Quintric – it’s the first time I’ve seen it. I will check it out.

  44. I’d probably stay away from most ICOs without a working model, because even if they do produce something it will probably be so far down the road someone else will have already come out with a superior product that’s WORKING lol. My personal advice is to go for the Assetbase Prime (PDT) token. And the reason I say this is,

    1) Assetbase has a working model
    2) I think they are the only ones with 5 different precious metal tokens they are now selling (Not in the future)
    3) They are moving forward with their other projects
    4) They are also coming out with their own exchange soon, P2P lending, and a way for anyone to securely turn their physical assets into tokens.
    5) They have a good long term plan and they are delivering on it

    The PDT is their utility token. They give 100% of transfer rewards to PDT token holders. It’s also like a membership token so they are going to give holders access to a bunch of services they provide, but the payout rewards are the big one. You can check it out if you want at assetbase.io/pdt

    A working model and delivering on the project is a big deal. Even if someone is coming out with a “superior product” the guys with a working model are going to be so far along the new guys won’t be able to compete. Just look at eBay, when they came out they had a bad looking site, but they had a working model and they took the field.

    1. I think by now you would have stopped commenting on this website, Your ill willed instructions and comments do nothing for anyone. How about you start your own commentary blog instead of hijacking this blog.

      1. I love a little criticism, but please add some facts about your claims, that way we all might be able to gain some wisdom from your post.

        P.S. Take it easy man, life is to short.

      2. Ill give you facts about “PDT Token” if you care to hear. Way better options in the marketplace than this token.

        1. Most have no clue what it means “utility” of tokens, so in general no one cares.
        2. “Reward” again no one cares. Most want a) to see the token go from 1-18K b) redemption. 1-18K should never happen with a asset token. Learn your tokens before sharing info. https://medium.com/@xgoldcrypto/crypto-classification-need-to-know-before-investing-65062c566327
        3. The exchange rate is not in favor of client reward or discount with assetbase (pdt) to even warrant purchase. Just do yourself a favor, take your fiat and buy it direct.
        4. Your generalize statements of “they will be so far ahead” is deficient. Their website is something out of the 1990’s. To attract traders, I would start with changing the design and functionality of the site.
        5. We started in December and already have developed a Tier1 blockchain a application for daily use and the redemption side is currently being licensed and put into place before our scheduled timeline.
        6. We offer a discount on coins as a hedge and are 100% redeemable.

        Would love feedback. Anyone?

  45. @James, You should start a guide to Silver-backed cryptocurrency. There are a couple projects I’ve come across that are just doing silver backed tokens.

    1. Hi Richard, yes I’m seeing lots of silver-backed options now, but I will keep to within my gold niche otherwise I’ll be covering all the metals.

  46. $DIG (DIGNITY) Formerly $UNY (Unity Ingot) now owned by Arbitrade will be one to watch! Not only will each $DIG be backed by 0.022445grams of Gold Bullion BUT there are 3 Billion tokens, there is a Burn and buy back program for the tokens.

    Arbitrade has just acquired Cryptobontix and subsequently they have acquired the $DIG tokens.

    Also Arbitrade has just purchased what is believed to be the last set of Nelson Mandela “Golden Hands” for 10 million in BTC.

    1 x Gold Dignity Ingot Token (DIG) is equal to 0.02445 grams of gold bullion.

    Cryptobontix and Arbitrade will commence mining operations with 55,000 mining rigs that are dedicated to the tokens. With the rigs they will mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Monero. And what will they do with those mined cryptos?

    – 50% ­ Used to buy physical bullion from partnering bullion suppliers on a weekly basis.
    – 20% ­ Used to buy more mining rigs to create exponential growth in earnings and physical bullion holdings.
    – 15% ­ To support and buy back tokens from the trade exchange marketplaces.
    – 15% ­ Used for the cost of operations for the mining endeavors.

    Because of the fact that you can redeem your bullion after 2 years minimum only, they have enough of time to mine a lot of the established coins to secure the project operations.

    Keep your eyes on the look out for DIG as it will be in the TOP 50 coins on CMC once it is fully launched.

    1. ” 0.02445 grams of gold bullion.” Like all the digits in crypto math isnt difficult enough, now you have to calculate gold being point.00000002455 and Bitcoin being point .0002004487. No one in the World want this kind of complicating math Let alone “you can redeem your bullion after 2 years minimum only,” So you mean to tell me I have to wait 2 years? Why would I do that. I think we will add this one to the crypto-gold crapto-gold list. Further more no way this is in the top 50 coins if so based on what?

      We make a good case about Bitcoin, not enough people in the world have crypto wallets. The only way there are going to be more wallet holders is, crypto-stable, useable on a dialy bases, redeemable and last its own independent network.

      IMO (DIG) is another bad option.

      Josh with XGold

    1. There are already many options game changers, One being xgold.lu or better yet read the article https://medium.com/@xgoldcrypto/crypto-gold-or-is-it-crapto-gold-af4b97ea0da

      The Kinesis idea might be good but again they are right out the gate with problems “ERC20 Token” along with any others that ride this platform.

      Good Luck

      1. Kinesis will only be using the ERC20 token platform for their KVT tokens. KVT tokens are utility tokens that give the holder a proportional share of 20% of Kinesis transaction fees. KVT are hard capped at 300,000. The more you hold, the more of that 20% revenue pie you get. It’s estimated that by year 5, each KVT could yield over $100,000 each. Right now KVT are selling for $1000 each. Do the math, it’s a good deal.

        Kinesis will be using a fork of the Stellar network for their transaction currency KAU gold and KAG silver coins. This fork will allow up to 3000 transactions per second. Bitcoin can do like 5 transactions per second?

        Kinesis is the big one. They raised over $55 million in their ITO so far. It runs until November 11th 2018. There are 150,000 KVT available for public sale. There are rumors that a big whale may buy 100,000 KVT. Get yours while you can.

        After November 11th, Kinesis will have their ICO offering sale of their KAU gold and KAG silver transaction coins.

        I’ve been looking through all the other gold silver cryptos and none of them come close to Kinesis. Often times these gold cryptos will charge storage fee. Kinesis has no storage fee. In fact, you will get an annual holder yield of over 7% (may vary depending on transaction fees collected). Are you kidding me? No storage fee and get paid for storing your gold? No brainer. Put your money on Kinesis.

  47. Just an update. We at XGold believe with all this volatility in the market place. Gold backed crypto will become more and more desirable. To date we have written several articles that tell our tales, experience and journey in the crypto world.

    First Article is why we are leaving ERC20 and building our own Tier1 Blockchain

    Second is the what is a true gold backed crypto

    Third is written because we wished we would have never built a ERC20 Token

    Last is the Reality of Bitcoin “not for the faint of heart”

    In the end we are super excited about our role and future in providing xBit and xGold as usable, trade-able, crypto-currency with 100% ability to redeem. Good luck with your crypto-trading and always if you have questions, we have answers.

  48. Hello James
    Great work !

    Please check out and add another new few QUINTRIC tm.
    and another from Sprott/Gold Corp etc Gold held in the Canadian mint.

    Thank you

  49. Check out AgAu..io issuing two stable tokens 100% backed by gold and silver.
    AgAu Gold (1token = 1 g of LBMA Gold)
    AgAu Silver (1token = 1 g of LBMA Silver)
    Press Release:

  50. Hello, I am the Chief Marketing Officer for GODcoin.

    GODcoin is ‘Gold-on-Demand’, the cryptocurrency which will soon become the standard currency used in consumer trade.

    Our tech team is developing a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm which will require user validation in the form of purchasing a bond. This will grant the “minter” access to the network and the ability to receive block rewards, but it will also ensure that the currency is not simply created out of thin air, as well as promote strong network security. The “minting” process will take considerably less time than in the standard PoW models, and the software used to mint the coins is designed to run on resource-constricted nodes, which is a comparative advantage over mining Bitcoin and Ethereum. Inevitably, this currency will be fixed to commodities when a permanent exchange rate is set between GODcoin and gold, and it is intended to be used as a utilitarian currency.

    This is made possible because the biblical Christ has returned, and this is his authorized New World Currency. The global chaos witnessed over the last 7 years is a direct result of his Divine presence on earth, and the geopolitical, socioeconomic, and “Act of God” events will very soon reach a monumental climax.

    As it says in the Book of Revelation 3:18, we are all advised to buy gold from him so that we may prosper. He has laid sovereign claim over gold and silver reserves (Haggai 2:8), and very soon this will be the only currency authorized for use in the global marketplace.

    At this very moment, the collapse of the Petrodollar is imminent, and the resulting calamity will be extremely difficult to handle, unless of course you take the GODcoin lifeboat and sail with us to safer waters.

    For more detail, please see our white paper: https://godcoin.gold/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/GODcoin-whitepaper.pdf

    We are in the middle of our ICO, which will end on April 30, and there is a 40% DISCOUNT on all coins purchased until then.

    We would like for our currency to be displayed on this website, thank you.

  51. The name of KaratBank Coin has been changed to KaratGold Coin (KGC).. Apparently the Rothschilds don’t like anything with the word “bank” in it if they don’t own it. It wil also be traded on coinbe.io. The goal is for KGC to be fully backed by 0.1 gram of CashGold when fully capitalized. KGC is backed by a global gold money and payment system.

  52. Thanks for this great list James and thanks all for the helpful comments / advice (especially on us still needing to do further research on these great projects).

    Here’s one more to add to the list. Looks like they got physical land with the gold in hand:



  53. http://www.businessinsider.com/vending-machines-in-malaysia-will-exchange-plastic-for-investments-2018-3

    ^ Very happy to see HelloGold still making great progress…I love it when companies do something positive for communities as a part of their marketing strategy.

  54. Thank you for the guide! Very useful! Out of 5 pre-ICO projects in the list now Golden Currency to me is surely #1, really see no more good, maybe you could advise any? Or anything not in a list?

    1. I guess reading history is not part of our daily lives. Golden currency They state that it’s just like paper currencies except it’s backed by gold. Just like the USA dollar was till 1971. Through out history at some point they start to print more receipts then there is gold. That possibility with this one is no exception

      1. Hi! I am a member of Golden Currency team. Thank you for your comment! Let me share our thoughts on it. You are right, we are doing real money, with the legal status of real money. And it will be like dollar earlier or many other currencies that were backed by gold. But now there is no money in the world that is reliable and backed by gold. We strongly believe that the current state is bad for users and there is much demand for such stable money. Regarding the examples when governments started to print more receipts then there is gold – that is not our case, since we are talking about private money and we will have no monopoly to issue money, as being non-national money. If we even start thinking of it users just will not use our currency. And regular audits and other technologies that provide transparency and reliability will additionally guarantee the 100% backing of Golden by gold. We will be glad to answer any questions and provide any more comments on our project. You are also welcome to join our pre-ICO!

  55. I am developing Dinar Coin backed by 0.25 gram of gold
    Launching in 2019 having total supply of 11 million

  56. HelloGold part of plans for a US $4 billion valuation startup ecosystem in Thailand in 2020. HelloGold was selected as one of only 15 companies for the $4 billion valuation:


    Happy Golding 🙂

  57. I am the CEO of Orocrypt. Our project has been privately funded and ongoing since last year, when we did not reached our soft cap and we refunded the ICO investors.

    We are fully operational and currently offering our OCG token for sale through our website. Our tokens are ERC20 and the smart contract information can be seen by searching for OCG at etherscan or ethplorer. Albeit we are not longer active in Facebook, you can find us in Twitter, Medium, Telegram and Bitcointalk.

    Kind regards. Alejandra de Gaustad. CEO. Orocrypt

  58. My ranking for current pre-ICO projects;

    1. Golden Currency
    2-3. Goldvein
    2-3. GoldMineCoin

  59. James,

    Thanks for developing and keeping this site current. Its a great reference.

    Have you considered adding silver backed projects?

    Projects like LODE.One and Silver Token are two that come to mind.



    Nice to have all the precious metal “Real Money” projects and active coins n one place..

    Appreciate your consideration.,

  60. email me other posts.thank you

  61. Here it is. A Gold backed cryptocurrency currently on ICO from Indonesia.


    1. Thanks, I’ll add it to the list!

  62. Is there any site thats analyse and compare those different gold backed cryptos so you can sort out the possible scams and get an idea of what its safe to buy, now that gold and silver is about to break out.

    1. You need to do your homework. There are websites that are obviously not quite right. For instance, no team information, no vault information, unclear value of token, etc. With us at Orocrypt, you can actually buy the gold directly at one of our partner vaults and have it tokenized through our contract with them. Being in contact with the vault’s management should give you confidence.


  63. Here is the new and innovative Gold backed crypto currency comes into significance. With actual gold backing the currency, the reliability of this new crypto currency missiles. Using the same Block chain technology used by other cryptocurrencies, this latest crypto currency Gold bits coin(GBC) is what you need to get your hands on.
    One of the most exciting aspects of Gold Bits Coin is its potential usability as the best gold backed cryptocurrency to invest. We believe that cryptocurrencies and governments can not only co-exist together but can serve to empower and make the other better and more efficient.
    Visit: https://goldbitscoin.com/

  64. an upcoming Pre-ICO called DGScoin ……………………

  65. Hello,

    can you please look at DORADO? doradocoin.io Thank you

  66. Thanks bro for sharing the history…………

  67. full and good article thanks

    1. It all well and good to thank the postings for a guild to crypto’s. Yet it is so not updated.
      Karatbars is now being traded on hitbtc. Yet no update to the list.
      The ico produced 120 million
      Now the first licenced crypto bank in Miami Florida
      And they are well off to implementing their person to person transactions.
      How come if it’s such a good list these updates should be added to this guide if it wants too

      1. Hi Richard,

        I already have Karakbank (KBC) listed, which appears to be the same logo as Karatbars. What am I missing here? If it is different then send me the hitbtc trading link. I’m just a one-man show here adding links as they are sent to me, so I am not leaving anything out on purpose.


      2. Hi James,

        KBC Coin (Karatbars) is listed on four exchanges now.

        COINSUPER, COINBE, HITBTC + YOBIT, The coin is already backed by physical gold and more gold will be added in the coming months.

  68. Hi, LondonCoin is now on private sale to be scheduled for ICO soon,

    Please add LondonCoin(LDX) http://www.londoncoin.io

  69. With regards to Flashmoni and the OZT token, I head up a leading fintech PR agency was hired for the ICO and beyond. It took all of one month until they defaulted on their bills, changed direction on strategy 3-4 times and have since gone dark, refusing to pay for our work and have heard several employees haven’t been paid in months. There is simply no way this company raised $80 m usd and if they did, they aren’t transparent with use of funds. Would love to hear from any OZT token holders on if there’s a willing market for this token or if we are all stuck with garbage. I’m posting to warn others that the risk for scams is so high. Thankfully we stopped working for them after a few months but beware to all.

    1. We had a similar problem with Flashmoni. But in addition, there are serious signs that this company is a fraud.

      1) Look at their tokens (even after their ICO has ended) – https://etherscan.io/token/0x9aa9bab278c0ed84c104915bce9b5a9c1b96c4bf

      2) They have missed their listing date twice – first they stated July 15th then they said July 20th yet still no exchange listing

      3) They said that they raised 72 million dollars but their online metrics on MOZ do not reflect anything close to other websites that raised similar amounts.

      4) Most of their staff have left their company for lack of payment.

      1. The details regarding Flashmoni scams are listed here -> http://sergelobreau.com/

  70. What about PFA (Price Fitch Asset)? Also gold backed and one of the only legal cryptos in China. Pre- launch, ICO in September.

    1. Thanks, do you have website for that? I can’t find anything about it.

      1. Here are some resources that will help, you may have to translate them yourself. (We used Google, it kinda sucks but it’s good enough to get the gist of it):


      2. For some reason your site did not like something else I posted, I will post the other ones separately.

        White papers:

      3. Here are some resources that will help, you may have to translate them yourself. (We used Google, it kinda sucks but it’s good enough to get the gist of it):


        White papers:

        Exchange data (you’ll have to search for PFA, it won’t let me link directly to it):

      4. Exchange data (you’ll have to search for PFA, it won’t let me link directly to it):

      5. Coinholder list:

        That should get you started. The coin is owned by Jinbo Investment Holding Group in China.

  71. There’s another gold-backed coin currently on ICO just has started.


  72. Jinbo’s PFA is a pyramid scam

    Google shortened link:: goo.gl/G9BpQf

    1. That article you posted is just a re-hash of a hit piece that has circulated the net for a year. Further, it does not once mention PFA. Keep trying though.

      1. FPA has been trading less then a month and it’s attached to Jinbo so the article can’t be that old.

        1. You don’t understand how Chinese media works. That article has in some form been around since June of last year, they just keep adding stuff to it. It’s nothing but a hit piece with no proof to substantiate any of the claims. Then, once posted, it gets reposted and reposted and reposted ad nauseam, on different sites. Sometimes they link the source, sometimes they don’t and people see the date of the post and assume it’s new. What does PFA trading for a month have to do with it? It’s not even mentioned.

          1. Well we all know the Chinese company Zhongming Mingyang New Energy Company aka Jinbo is a scam and they mention blockchain in the hit article as you like to call it so put the two and two together.

          2. Lmao, demonstrably false. It’s funny that actually stayed up until 2 am to look for info on PFA to try and make both it and Jinbo look like a scam though. Too bad you failed on both counts. You investorshub bashers are really something else.

      2. Here’s another Chinese article just came out


        investorshub isn’t writing these pieces, they’re coming from China

        1. Literally the exact same article reposted just what I just said.

          Just because it was reposted recently doesn’t make it news

          1. read it again

          2. I did. Don’t care. It’s not new. Glad after over a year of bashing the stock you finally learned how to use Baidu.

          3. posting at 2:20 in the morning.. lol

          4. It’s 11:55 here now and I posted that like 2 hours ago.

  73. EGOLD is pure scam parasite to GoldMint – compare their websites and you’ll see that EGOLD stole even the video of GoldMint’s Custody Bot and published it on their site as their own invention.

  74. Awesome post, learned a lot from this. Please give your top picks and advice on what crypto currencies to invest in 2018.

  75. Karatgold is now listed on 4 exchanges: Yobit, Coinbe, Hitbtc and Coinsuper.

  76. Thanks for this information James you have done a lot of homework here. I see that GoldBlocks does not have a website for the last 2 months which means that they no longer exist and have been removed from Coinmarket Cap so unless I am wrong, they no longer exist. Onegram launches their own exchange tomorrow on 17 September 2018

  77. We propose to form an organization which can standardize, authenticate, promote, and educate the gold backed crypto currencies.

    We welcome all participants with initial meeting planned in January 2019.

    Please email us sales@londoncoin.io

  78. Hi James,

    This is Alicia from GramGold Coin, we’re also a gold-backed token, more importantly we don’t do ICO, we raised private rounds and now simply issuing GGC to market, please look into our website and list us as well, our website is here
    and here is our white paper

  79. its very useful information i was searching for. i hear one new company with name IDI launching its gold back crypto currency with name SOCIAL GOLD COIN from brazil.

  80. A gold-backed crypto currency to look into is Trugold, partnered with Magnum Mining. White paper can be found on https://trugold.io/. Limited time golden ticket promo to attend World Crypto Con – includes 1/2 ounce gold coin, airfare and hotel to Vegas, and entry ticket. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=235&v=ovRRBD-2DqM

    1. Thanks, I’ve added it to the list.

  81. Kinesis is now located in Cayman Islands. Thought you might want to update that.

    I believe Kinesis is going to be the one to rule them all. I’ve invested in other gold and silver cryptos and have sold all of them to transfer into Kinesis. Some of them I cannot sell because they are total losses. Don’t be burned by these other gold cryptos. Kinesis is rumored to potentially be one of the largest ICOs upon launch of their gold/silver cryptos (KAU/KAG). They are a sister company of ABX, allocated bullion exchange, that already have customers storing gold and silver with them. Many of them will be transferring their holdings into crypto title (KAU/KAG coins). That’s how it’s going to be a huge ICO right out the gate, they already have the investments! I’m hearing rumors of possibly $10 billion right out the gate! I may be wrong… you never know with rumors. I just don’t doubt it because the Kinesis system is amazing. You get PAID for holding your gold and silver with them. Other cryptos CHARGE you a fee for storage.

  82. Thanks for sharing useful Information. I appreciate your Content. Keep sharing!

  83. Thanks for sharing useful Information. I appreciate your Content. I love your Blog! Keep Sharing!

  84. I was not looking to invest in (or use) Crypto at all, I was researching gold backed debit cards in order to get my cash out of the banking system into a PM backed debit card for safety and stability of my AUD funds.

    During my research I came across Kinesis which has solved many of the pitfalls of buying, storing and selling of PM’s plus providing a yield and instant liquidity to my wealth thru the use of a debit card attached to the account with low transaction fees – tick – tick – tick.

    The fact that it is Crypto currency using blockchain technology was neither here nor there to me although its great that it uses a new emerging transformative technology.

    I plan to deposit a large amount of fiat AUD when they open up theses accounts in 2019, I was impressed so much that I also bought a KVT token to take a share in the business.

  85. A new 100% Gold backed Coin will be launched end February 2019, TPX Gold will be used for money transfering, it will allow users to send money to anyone, even if they don’t have a Bank account, and for a fraction of the cost,


    All the Gold will be stored by Brinks in Singapore and insured by Lloyds of London.

    Please add to your list

  86. Thanks for the collections. Please add Goldlinks (token: GGC) to the list. Goldlinks is a global gold industry alliance, every 100 GGC is pegged to 1 gram of fine gold.
    More info. on our website: http://www.goldlinks.one
    Also there are many press articles FYR.

    1. Hi Vanessa, thanks for the update. I’ve added it, but I notice there is already a GGC https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/gramgold-coin

    1. Dear James,

      The OLegacy icon / Pic is mistakenly for London’s Coin.

      OLegacy / Twitter: @OlegacyOfficial



  87. Thanks for sharing useful Information. I appreciate your Content. i love your Blog. Keep Sharing!

  88. Dear James,

    The OLegacy icon / Pic is mistakenly for London’s Coin.

    OLegacy / Twitter: @OlegacyOfficial



  89. Dear James; Do you know the gold -backed crypto that casey research is talking about in what they call Casey’s Gold ???

    1. Hi Marc,

      I haven’t seen anything about it, do you have a link for it?

      1. Hey. I think Marc is asking about this https://secure.caseyresearch.com/?cid=MKT389658&eid=MKT392273&encryptedSnaid=&snaid=&step=start&assetId=AST96612&page=1. It is pretty long though; the video. I think Casey’s Gold is DigixDAO

  90. Are there any other gold backed cryptos on open exchanges other than KBC that are exchangeable for UNV (KaratPay CashGold which is in either digital or physical forms where 1 UNV = 0.1 gram 999.9 pure gold bullion), USD, BTC, ETH, or KCB (in ICO phase but available by private offer to Karatbars/KaratGold affiliates)? The list is so long, but as of two days ago we can now exchange UNV (Univals) on the Karatbit exchange. I want to know if any other gold backed coins on open exchanges offer this guaranteed continuously increasing gold backing?

  91. Hi James
    Do you have any thing on Meld which is being foundedby the Melbourne Mint, due to launch later this year. I can’t find info anywhere apart from what is on their website.

    1. Hi Brad, I will look into it!

  92. Hi,

    Orocrypt gold-backed token OCG is now listed in p2pb2b.io The trading pairs are BTC/OCG and ETH/OCG. P2PB2B ranks 18 largest in Coinmarketcap Each OCG token represents the ownership of 30 grams of fine gold stored in non bank vaults..

  93. Press Release:

    Our product, DGGold(TM), is a great option for a gold-backed digital assets due to no storage fees and low premiums…

    Gold goes digital: Dillon Gage introduces the future of gold ownership with the launch of Digital Gold

    ADDISON, Texas (August 13, 2018) – Dillon Gage Metals, one of the world’s largest precious metals wholesale firms and leading technology innovator in the industry, recently launched its first Digital Metals product, DGGold(TM). This product is the first of its kind to be offered to the retail public through Dillon Gage’s growing precious metals dealer network. It is eligible for purchase on their online trading platform, FizTrade. DGGold(TM), which utilizes VaultChain™ Gold powered by Tradewind, delivers an unprecedented style of direct gold ownership to the investment community, expanding on Dillon Gage’s already impressive lineup of product and service offerings.

    “I am excited to introduce Dillon Gage’s latest product to the individual and IRA investment community”, said Mark Furmanek, Chief Operating Officer at Dillon Gage. “DGGold brings an investment product, primarily dominated by large institutions and bullion banks, to its dealer network to satisfy investors’ needs.”

    Unlike exchange-traded funds (ETFs), DGGold represents 100% direct ownership of investment-grade, pure physical gold. The title is maintained by a cryptographically-secure blockchain database, audited daily, which investors can utilize to verify ownership. The physical gold is securely stored in the vaults of the Royal Canadian Mint, and is fully deliverable upon request at any time.

    For more information about DGGold, call Mark Furmanek, Chief Operating Officer, at (800) 375-4243 ext.1152

  94. I know its not fully the argument, but so much talk about Crypto unseating gold as a long-term asset makes shudder for those digging into their investment portfolios vs. those splurging with their fun money. The argument that crypto is finite makes me laugh. Gold is more finite on an absolute basis, relative to the asset class of crypto. What is infinite seems to be the # of ICOs happening. I hope crypto takes off, but too many wolves out there looking to sell crypto.

  95. Thank you for maintaining this listing. FYI — Karatgold (KBC) is now listed on BitForex. This is in addition to YoBit, HitBTC, Coinbe, and CoinSuper. And of course KBC is listed on its own exchange — Karatbit.com.

    On Karatbit.com you can trade USD, KBC, BTC and ETH for gold (which Karatbars calls Unival or UNV), Karatbit will soon have the ability to withdraw Unival to Karatbars’ KaratPay site, where the Unival can be converted to “Cashgold” and delivered to you in various quantities starting at 0.10 grams of 999.9% pure 24 karat gold.

    And on July 4, 2019, 100 KBC will be exchangeable for 1 gram of gold. This exchange ratio is not a projection, it is a GUARANTEE.

  96. KBC is now trading around $0.02849 in HitBTC. Meaning 100 KBC or 1 gram is selling for $2.89. How come? You cannot get one gram of gold for less than $40 in the real market. Please explain

    1. There are several reasons why the KBC is so low right now. (1) the people selling at 3 cents are idiots, (2) the circulating supply has not be published on coinmarketcap yet, although they have been given the number, which is around 7 billion (btw that would put the KBC in the top 50), (3) Karatbars doesn’t do much marketing of the KBC, they rely mostly on word of mouth by the 25,000 or so active affiliates. If you look at Etherscan.io you will see that there are over 28,000 holders of KBC, with over 1,000 of us holding 1 million or more coins. Do your due diligence of Karatbars and I think you’ll find that this is an incredible opportunity to buy gold for pennies on the dollar.

      1. Yep idiots! I’ve been trading KBC 35% bonuses for profit because that unique UNV/KBC pairing makes it so easy. I feel like I’m robbing a bank. But because of the guarantee we should be pulling for the price to stay low until after the hardfork so that we will get more of the merged coin for our KCB. The guarantee holds regardless of the price of the coin. Karatbars affiliates are not getting this.

  97. Golden Currency team is glad to announce the start of “golden” new issue. Golden is the first global money 100% backed by gold and available for everyday use both as crypto (ERC20 Ethereum) and as cash money. You can participate in it and get golden at website https://goldencurrency.money/ Golden first issue happened in October 2018, cash and blockchain ERC20 forms are available. You can get “golden” banknotes in case you acquire 3000+ golden or its ERC20 Ethereum form if you acquire 100+ golden.

    1. Is golden already available? Was it already minted (its paper banknotes)?

      1. We have a gold backed token already on the blockchain, TPXGold and it’s 100% backed by gold bullion
        it’s on tokenstore.com

        Check it out

  98. Hi All,
    We are launching a new 100% gold backed token very shortly, the gold will be stored by Brinks in Singapore, and Insured by Lloyds of London, and audited by 2 independent auditors.
    this is a genuine token and will go to ICO by the end of this month.

    The gold is being purchased by Global Commodity Investments Ltd, who have been in business for over 10 years, all the gold will be LBMA approved.

  99. Evening all,

    My 2 partners and I control the US Patent that was claimed as an invention in a patent application and filed with the United States Patent Trade Office in June 2013. The patent application was allowed/approved in August 2018 and was issued as a U.S. patent in December 2018. This cryptocurrency is centralized and designed to be backed by anything of value such as fiat currencies, commodities, diamonds, real estate and/or valuable art objects.

    Watch out Cryptocurrency companies….contact if interested if you want to control the sector and be above the rest.


  100. Such an extensive post. Thank you for this knowledge base. I like the idea of gold backed crypto, but with so much to choose it’s really hard to pick one!

    I think that the best bet would be to dedicate some part of portfolio to the gold-backed currency of your choice and allocate some cash in the gold or other precious metals themselves. Going all-in can be a risky thing. Better safe than sorry!

  101. Thanks for sharing useful Information. I appreciate your Content. Keep sharing!

  102. Anthem Blanchard claims to have a gold storage company, however, it appears more like a fractional reserve model, We think aGLD and AnthemVault in general only holds about 15% of account values in metal and even then it is not physical metal but paper futures. Anthem Vault companies will not return phone calls and are “moving” precious metals together so that they are mingled amongst all clients. Must be relatively easy to move all these paper delivery contracts.

  103. Great post! Thanks for sharing the knowledge and keep up the good work.

  104. Good job. Thank you for your work. Time = btc.

  105. Hi Mark,

    Please also add Secured Gold Coin (SGC) to your list – https://securedgoldcoin.com

    They’re in process of going live on exchange very soon.


  106. Thanks for the info ….. looking to sell physical product to gold crypto companies

  107. Hi –
    Ainslie Bullion just released the Gold and Silver Standard on CoinSpot.
    A Gold token, fully backed and a Silver one too.

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